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BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger - A Binge Gamer Review 0

  Review – BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger By Perry Piekarski It looks like Guilty Gear. It smells like Guilty Gear. Hell, it even tastes like Guilty Gear. But it damn well ain’t no Guilty Gear. But BlazBlue could have certainly fooled me (and it did— I want another Guilty Gear, damn it!). However, slipping the game into my console was the equivalent of opening a box of Lucky Charms—fully expecting Lucky Charms—and instead finding a bag of delicious Reese’s Puffs. Either way, it’s win. ...

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Late to the Party Review: King of Fighters XII by Binge Gamer 0

  Late to the Party: King of Fighters XII By James Walker We here at Binge Gamer are only mortal. Between living our lives, being swamped with work, delivery problems and having writers constantly cracking under the tyrannical rule of JW, it’s understandable that sometimes we fall behind on game reviews. When this does happen, we don’t ignore the game — we simply consider it late to the party. The King of Fighters XII is, as you can probably imagine, the twelfth game in the 2D figh...

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G.I. JOE: The Rise of Cobra - A Binge Gamer Review 0

  Review: G.I. JOE: The Rise of Cobra By James Walker When the trailer for G.I. JOE: The Rise of Cobra was first released in theaters, I think we all had the same thought: …holy shit, this is going to be terrible. And we were right. The movie was downright bad. However, for as much of an abomination to the G.I. JOE name as the movie was, the game is 20x worse. Now, I know what you’re thinking: “a movie game that sucks? Say it isn’t so.” While it’s true that movie tie-in games have a ...

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Batman: Arkham Asylum - A Binge Gamer Review 0

  Review: Batman: Arkham Asylum By James Walker Eidos are idiots.…let me explain. Remember how, about a month ago, Eidos was accused of trying to bribe gaming magazines with the right to break the embargo on their Batman: Arkham Asylum review? Well, let’s assume for a moment that this story was true — after all, Eidos has been accused of trying to tamper with reviews in the past. Assuming this is true, somebody at Eidos is breathing a sigh of relief because they risked tarnishing th...

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Fate/Unlimited Codes - A Binge Gamer Review 0

  Review: Fate/Unlimited Codes By Perry Piekarski Is it just me, or have we been seeing a lot more fighting games than usual? In less than a year, we’ve reviewed at least six of the damn things here at Binge Gamer (not that I’m complaining, as they’ve all been pretty good). But for the sake of linking to my past work—something I will never tire of—let’s just take a look at the impressive library of fighters bestowed upon us by the gaming gods: King of Fighters XII Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 B...

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Wolfenstein - A Binge Gamer Review 0

  Review: Wolfenstein By Mike Masashi Murakami III When I started to review Wolfenstein, I was actually a little excited. Being a non- PC gamer, not having a SNES until after the system had pretty much finished off, and also not getting an Xbox until just about that console was done, I seemed to have avoided playing any Wolfenstein game until now. We all know that Wolfenstein 3D is the forefather of first person shooters, above Quake, above Doom, etc. Well, I think unlike Doom and Qua...

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A Binge Gamer Review: Cogs 0

By Allison Boyer • April 20, 2009  Psssst…We’re giving away a copy of Cogs to one luck reader. Check out this post. Do you remember that game Pipe Dream? Well, I’m pretty sure it got drunk one night and conceived a love child with a Rubik’s Cube. And that child grew up to smoke a lot of crack. The result? Cogs. Cogs was made by the indy game developers at Lazy 8 Studios and is available on Steam for just $9.99 (they’ve also go a free demo on there). Let me start off by telling you what...

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A Binge Gamer Review: Blue Dragon Plus 0

By Perry Piekarski • March 14, 2009 When I first hear about a new release, I’m usually pretty savvy at calling whether it will be quality or crap before it’s even on store shelves. But in some instances, a game will defy my expectations, because—as much as I hate to admit it—I’m no psychic. With Blue Dragon Plus, I was unsure of what to think. Before this review, the franchise never garnered my interest. I was appreciative of the Chrono Trigger/Dragonball art stylings (crafted by the on...

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A Binge Gamer Re-Review: LittleBigPlanet 1

By Perry Piekarski • March 1, 2009 [Edit] I remember first hearing about LittleBigPlanet. Initially I didn’t think much of it, but as I saw more and more of the game, I admittedly got a bit giddy: “Man, that’s a freakin’ sweet physics engine!” “Ooo! Wait a sec, so I get to MAKE MY OWN GAME?!?!” “Oh, man! An original, next-gen, 2.5D platformer? It’s about damn time!” And so on. I was enticed by the title and—for some strange reason—Sackboy’s eerie, Tim Burton-esque cuteness. I...

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A Binge Gamer Review: Noby Noby Boy 0

By Perry Piekarski • March 1, 2009 [Edit] For those who don’t already know, I’m a pretty big fan of the Katamari series. No, wait. That’s all wrong. Let me try again: On more than one occasion I’ve even gone as far as to describe it as “pure happiness in a can.” So where does gushing over a quirky hit game franchise fit into a review about the latest PSN budget title, Noby Noby Boy? Well, to be fair, I want everyone to understand that I’m coming at this as an established fan of cr...

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A Binge Gamer Review: Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection 1

By James Walker • March 1, 2009 [Edit] My first video game console was a SEGA Genesis. I got it on Christmas Day, 1994 along with copies of Sonic 2 and NHL 95. I remember sitting on my living room floor with a pillow under my backside, in front of a big 50” TV. It was one of those old-style television sets that was built into a wooden frame and basically doubled as a shelf. It was so old and worn that it would actually turn itself off every hour or two. It didn’t have a remote so ...

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A Binge Gamer Review: MLB 09: The Show 3

By James Walker • March 2, 2009 [Edit] ”Baseball? It’s just a game - as simple as a ball and a bat. Yet, as complex as the American spirit it symbolizes. It’s a sport, business - and sometimes even religion.” Ernie Harwell I have been a fan of baseball, and specifically the Detroit Tigers, since before I picked up my first SEGA Genesis controller. Around this time of year I turn into a giddy little school child as I anxiously await opening day around the league. Thankfully, whil...

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A Binge Gamer Review of Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix 0

By Perry Piekarski • December 10, 2008 [Edit] As the fifth remake of a title that set bar for just about every game in the fighting genre since, one can’t help but worry whether Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix (insert long title joke here) revives the series for one final bout or keeps it on life-support while gamers stand in tears wondering what will become of their dying friend. Just kidding.  The game is spectacular and is definitely one of the best 2D fighters to hit consoles...

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Dash of Destruction - A Binge Gamer Review 0

By Mike Masashi Murakami III • December 17, 2008 [Edit] I have to start this review off by saying I had no idea that today was the release date for the winner of that Unlock Xbox contest that was held what seems like forever ago. I also had no clue that the game would be free. And lastly, I definitely did not expect the game to actually be fun… but not completely flawless.. read on… Developed by Mike Borland, who ended up partnering up with NinjaBee (A Kingdom for Keflings, Cloning Clyde...

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Binge Gamer Review: Tetris Party 0

Review: Tetris Party By Mike Masashi Murakami III • October 20, 2008 [Edit] Tetris, the greatest game ever created, has finally hit the Wii. With the Xbox 360 already having two different Tetris games (three counting Japan), it is quite a puzzle why we haven’t already seen a release at the least via Virtual Console. To make up for all this lost time without Tetris, Hudson has come through and brought a WiiWare version of the game for 1200 points, bringing with it a lot of bells and whis...

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BingeGamer's New to the Series Review: Rock Band 2 0

New to the Series Review: Rock Band 2 By Mike Masashi Murakami III • September 19, 2008 Rock Band 2 is the sequel to one of the few rhythm based games that have become quite popular as each day passes. If you have somehow been able to avoid playing these types of games for this long, Rock Band 2 might just be the start of a beautiful relationship, keep reading to find why. Basically, Rock Band 2 is fun in a box. It takes what makes most Nintendo Wii games do, bring fun, especially peop...

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BingeGamer's 1942: Joint Strike Review 0

1942 was a classic overhead view shoot ‘em arcade game by Capcom in 1984, it was ported to numerous systems and loved by many. Today, it is brought to us via XBLA and PSN with a complete graphical rehaul and a few new touches not found in the original. The game takes place during World War II but offers no real storyline other than that, but that is okay, as this game is the definition of a shoot ‘em up and a story would just get in the way of that fact. Keeping with its roots, the game uses th...

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BingeGamer's LttP Review of Excite Truck 0

Excite Truck came on the scene during the Wii's launch, giving it very little chance among gamers wanting their Twilight Princess and the hyped at the time, Red Steel. Even within the genre of racing itself, Ubisoft (Monster 4×4) and EA (Need for Speed) had games ready for launch. So fast forward to present day, it is easy to see that Excite Truck’s window of opportunity has past, but I am left wondering why every so often I still see posts on forums speaking highly of this title. First off, t...

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Opoona, A Binge Gamer Review 0

The newest RPG to hit the Wii from Koei, Opoona, has finally made it’s way into my home, and slightly into my heart. Though flawed and given the nickname “Playskool’s My First RPG” around my house, I can’t help but recommend this not to hardcore RPG fans, but for those who dabble in the game type or maybe have never tried. Opoona’s story starts with his family on a ship that crashes, leaving Opoona without his siblings in a dome society called Landroll, but let’s skip the story portion of this r...

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