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I built my PC a little over two years ago, and my PS3 eventually became a Netflix machine. Stuff obviously looks better, but I just really like how games run better on my PC. BF3, Dark Souls II, etc. became that much more enjoyable without having to worry about the game freezing or stuttering. I'll probably get a new video card and monitor within the next year.

As for the new consoles, I initially thought about getting one this year, but with so many games getting pushed back and my inevitable PC upgrades, I probably won't get one until late 2015 or even 2016.

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@slax: If you don't know, there's a big tournament starting tomorrow (the 14th), and Valve is giving away a new set of souvenir cases to random viewers watching on Twitch (with a linked account) or through the in-game viewer. I don't know if they'll sell as high as the Dreamhack cases, but I'll have one of the streams open during the day in the hopes of getting one.

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I got about $17 after selling one of the CS:GO Dreamhack Souvenir cases last year. The cases that you can only get after purchasing a pass for CS:GO's community map Operations have nabbed me a good amount of Steam wallet funds as well.

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They certainly need patching.