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The final update: Too close to call.

So, after a few more months with both consoles I have to say, the competition is too close to really call. There simply is not major factor where one console "wins out" over the other.

Xbox One:

  • I like the *new* trigger rumble. Its cool.
  • I like the fact that apps seem to be comming quicker here (youtube etc.)
  • I like that the web browser supports some video streaming.
  • I like the controller (other than bumpers being too stiff)
  • I like some of the upcomming exclusives (Sunset Overdrive, Quantum Break)


  • I like the snappy interface
  • I like the speaker in the controller
  • The sound is crisp (xbox crackles)
  • I like the blu-ray player
  • I like the bump in resolution FPS performance

Despite how similar these two platform seem to be, I am finding myself buying game on XB1 more then PS4 simply because I think I just need to focus on one platform and there are more upcoming exclusives and apps for XB1 than PS4 and I need to pick a lane. I find the performance difference insignificant for the most part and after playing a number of game, it seems the more important factor is the "game" not the resolution or framerate. In the end, I could easily pick the PS4 since it seems to have the tech edge. But just like last generation, the tech "specs" don't always point to the best gaming experience.

Since I am luck enough to have both consoles, I will continue to look for the best gaming experience and if one of the consoles clearly has the better version, I am sure I will buy it on that console. But if I don't hear of any major diffrences, I wil get it on the XB1 because a few of my friends only have an XB1 and that is reason enough in case I get to play any multi-player games.

But there is no reason not to pick either console as your favorite. They both deserve all the love that they get and its really a great thing to have two companies competing at such a close level. This will promote a competitive environment where both companies strive to edge out the other. And that is good news for the consumer.

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Good tip @believer258. I will keep an eye out for that. Thats the best way to do it. No credit card needed for hat.

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I am, in fact, no longer renewing. I am going to wait until I see if a bunch of free games look worth it. There are some good deals to be had but my backlog is big enough where I just don't need any more 360 games even if they are cheap. I think both MS and Sony have good deals with their subscriptions but I can't stand that they make you have to be diligent about canceling auto-pay. Netflix and Gamefly do it right. You can cancel pretty easy from those and re-open at any time.

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@awesomeusername: That was an exaggeration to be sure. But sometimes its not your speed that is the problem, its the servers. When a game first comes out, everyone is trying to download at the same time and the servers can get slow. What I was thinking of is downloading the whole game + patches when you buy digitally. Also, some game "updates" are 50% or more the size of the disc you bought. I can't remember which game but I insalled the disk (40Gb) and then the day one update was at least 20G. So, what is the point of the disc? We have never seen game updates and day one patches of this size before.

For those with fast internet, downloads are not a real issue. My real disapointment is with in-game level load times. Yes, this is for the game dev to figure out but the hardware should make it easy achieve and I am guessing that is not the case or the devs are just lazy. Either way, fast level load times are yet to be realized with the current gen.

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Somewhere on this thread I promised an update after a few months of after I ended up getting a PS4 for comparison. Well, I did end up picking up a PS4 because I am still renting games and getting digital games and I know I will want to play the PS4 exclusives as they arrive.

So, what do I think now that I now have both systems? Has anything changed? Well yes. Here are some updated thoughts after playing both system for a while now...

What about the Controllers?

The PS4 controller is much better than I would have imagined. They really fixed 100% of the issues with the prior generation. I like the new PS4 controller in nearly every way. In fact, I would no longer claim the the Xbox One controller is "better". I would say they are equal in terms of quality. I even think the way some games are using the touch pad (as an extra 4-way or 8-way button) is useful if done well. I do like the trigger rumble feature of the Xbox one but I also like the speaker, lights, and touch pad on PS4. All in all, I think I would give the nod to the PS4's controller just because they improved every aspect of the controller while the Xbox One was improved in some areas (sticks and dpad are better) but actually took a step backwards in terms of the shape (its not as comfortable) and shoulder buttons when they should never have even changed those things. Microsoft forgot to follow the basic rule "if it aint broke, don't fix it". The only area where the PS4 controller needs work is battery life. Its simply too short. But both controllers are pretty great and are very refined and are of high quality.

What about Performance?

As far as performance, I still don't find this a compelling reason to chose one over the other. Even if some games look a bit better one one system or the other, whats important is the "games" that you get to play and not the small differences in performance. One area of performance where the PS4 does shine though is in its simple, fast interface. I grow ever tired of the Xbox "metro" interface and its clumsy implementation on non-touch devices.

What about the Games?

Here is what it all comes down to. After playing most of the release titles for PS4, I think the Xbox One had a slightly better list of games for the initial release. But by a very small amount. Both system are getting some pretty good looking exclusives later this year but the rollout of new games is pretty slow at the moment. Once again, I think you can't go wrong here with either system. In fact, the simple, best way to pick which console to get (or get first) is to look at the list of exlusive games and apps and pick the one with the list you like best. Everything else is just nit-picking.

What about Apps and Media?

Too soon to tell. The Xbox One was the first to get the "You Tube" app but that is about the only exclusive app that is worth much and I am sure the PS4 will be getting it soon. So, no real winner here just a lot of hype and potential. I suppose one of them has better video sharing but I find that to be a bit of a niche/fad and not what I am looking for in a game console.


I was certainly wrong about my thinking that the Xbox One controller would be the *new* best in class. Its at-best equal to the PS4 but in no way better. But I still like some of the exclusive games coming to both systems and I am fortunate enough and craze enough to support both systems. While this may not be the best financial decision, its an easy decision for someone who wants to play all the best, unique games coming to both consoles.

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@rekt_hed: Every single complaint on this site is a "first world problem" :). Its all about video games. No reason to think we are solving world hunger here. Why do I keep seeing that praise so much lately. Kind of annoying but I guess that is just another first world problem.

@scampbell: You are right. I did over-state that. I should have said "often higher than 1080p". I think I was thinking of 1080 as the X not the Y. Still 1920 by 1200 is pretty normal for games on high end rig and is a bit higher than 1080p but I thought PCs today were running even higher. I guess this means there is an even higher gap between the new consoles and PCs which is even more disappointing.

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I don't know why but I am going with the Xbox One as my first next gen console purchase. With all the negative Xbox One press and positive PS4 press, you might think the PS4 would be the obvious, gamer choice. But I actually do have some reasons why I am sticking with Xbox as my primary game system.

Okay, that's cool. But, do us a favor; give us all a 3 month, 6 month and 12 month update on your choice. It would be interesting to hear what you think about how your notions before and after are like.

I will be sure to do that. But it will probably be more like a full year or even longer before the true leader emerges. The first year honestly does not look that great for either. But I will have fun for sure even if I end up wanting/getting the other console for some great, exclusive game etc.

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@truthtellah said:

Alright, that seems like a weird reason to spend that much on a console... If you're still kind of uncertain, why not just wait a few months and see how they actually turn out?

Because that is no fun. Losing lots of money and making bad decisions is much more exciting. What is wrong with you people and your practical advice.

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@tarsier: You caught me. I signed up for GB years ago and posted over 30 reviews just to have this opportunity to sway you (and only you) to buy and Xbox One because I make 30 cents on every Xbox one purchase :)

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@nekroskop: True enough. Early adopters will always suffer. But I can't just sit on the sidelines. But, yes, that is the smart move.

I think it should be clear, I am a fan of both systems. I just don't feel its necessary to buy both at launch (but I considered it because I am a freak). I am looking forward to this next gen of gaming. I just figured I would enumerate my thoughts here.