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Anyone named "Sexual Donut" I cannot take seriously. Next!

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The Article is pretty good but this is just another contextual tool that is in ANY game. "Hold LT and RT to escape from your pod" "look up and down to calibrate sensors" etc. It's just another trope of gaming, not deserving of all the press. But just like anything else with C.O.D the generalist public will look at it and have something to complain about. Decent article though Patrick, definitely gives a little insight on your approach to games and your philosophy therein. @patrickklepek

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This would usually be enough, but Shadow of Mordor goes steps further with its Nemesis system. When a random enemy kills you (and you die often), they're promoted within Sauron's personal army.

I'm starting to think I've been playing a completely different game than the people on these forums. The combat is so easy. If you manage to get beaten you can just run away and they'll 'lose sight' of you within 10 seconds. How did any of you die more than, let's say 5-ish times?

I do agree that Mordor had one of the better set ups for its death mechanic I've ever seen. A really good in universe explanation and it ties into its other systems like the Nemesis system. Remarkably well done. Unfortunately all for naught for me; I barely ever died. I wish it had difficulty settings to actually make the Nemesis system matter.

Maybe you are playing differently, or not taking risks. I don't run, I counter and do the timed death escape. I still love the game and the death mechanic that makes death matter puts a revenge motive for you. Pretty cool. Good on ya Scoopsie.

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@jadegl: Glad to know you're still kicking butt with writing. Good show.

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Weird. Maybe it's his birthday?

Damn Brad Shoenbacher, can't he ever write his own reviews?

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Breaking Madden was legitimately hilarious. Thanks for letting me know about it.

Edit: This should have been your gif embedded in the story.

Baby don't hurt me. No more.

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Very good job.