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@jonkrag said:

@dasdude: He totally lost his shit for a couple seconds when he completed it though, but to be fair he deserves at least that.

So many years! SO MANY YEARS

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@finaldasa Does it again. Good work. Though I'm more excited for Planet of the apes then any of these movies, though Luc Besson did write the movie Taken, which was a great movie. Taken 2, etc...not so much. However, back to the topic of Planet of the Apes, It looks like the Dark Knight; in the sense of how a sequel can be better then the original. I actually liked the new Planet of the apes movie, it just needed alot less James Franco, and this movie gives me that, with ramping up the story, action, and character sequences to show a more grown up society. I'm all for it, and most likely seeing it tomorrow. P.S. Ang Lee's Hulk Film is probably one of the worst movies I've ever seen, and I saw it for free on a cruise. Just saying.

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But what about articles with more then one answer?

We have that too. @patrickklepek

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I will always miss Ryan, and while I didn't know your dad, I know he raised a great son. @patrickklepek

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Just talk to people? It's what I've always done.

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@finaldasa I'm glad you're still around mate. Always fantastic, can't wait till you have a movie review site, liked or something. You should have your section of the site for videos and movies, what do you say @rorie, @vinny , @alex and @jeff . I think we should give him a shot, and shout out to @patrickklepek for all his hard work recently.

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Finally watched it, it was fantastic, really dumb, hope they do it again at PAX or next year again at East. Just really dumb and a lot of fun.

How did you watch it?

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Typo mister @patrickklepek let me let Mr. Bluth let you know. Always.