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Hmm. I thought I had AdBlock on.

This is relevant because why?

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When is the stream going to be archived? I missed it I was at work, I saw it after the fact. However the commentary makes it priceless, any info would be great.

Thanks Duder

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I don't really got much to say about all this but thanks @fierrze for letting me know. I haven't turned on my Xbox since Bioshock Infinite.

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I just beat the game @patrickklepek . It was worth it. Alot of people have their opinions, and will argue over anything. But when you turn the cranks that are forgotten memories. It kind of made me remember what it was like before my Step Dad died. I didn't exactly love him like a father. He was a verbally and physically abusive drunk. But there's that moment when you remember the good things. So good on you Patrick. It may have taken me a little under a year to play it, but thanks for recommending it.

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Couple new screen shots that definitely set the games tone.

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This is insane. I recently heard about Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon, Now i'm experiencing it.

It seems to follow the same vein as some of the downloadable content for Sleepy Dawgs. It is an old school VHS style campaign, where you are a remade sergeant turned cyborg. It starts with a old VHS style loading box. Then it begins it's story about a world turned upside down by corruption, and how soldiers are turned into cyborgs are you are number 4 in line. This is the humor you can expect from the game so far.

Also swimming is like diving, only going the other way.

Also it seems veryyyy tongue-in-cheek.

Alot of curse words, complaints, and very self aware dialogue. So far I'm impressed Ubisoft leaked this game. While I will not tell you where to get it, just know it's out there. Waiting for you to Hold X to Pilfer.

I'm going to get my cyber-hearts x1 dammit.

If any of you have heard anything about this...,

What do you think of more developers going the "old-school" route? I think it's genius and brings a whole new depth to a style of game that was my Number #2 pick for GOTY. Numero Uno being Sleepy Dawgz

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@ghostiet: Quoted text from the guide"This choice, unlike the one you made at the raffle, has only superficial significance: which pendant would you like dangling from Elizabeth's choker? :Choose the cameo you want Elizabeth to wear for the rest of the game:,

Though to your point I choose bird because I wanted her to be free, I couldn't say much that hasn't already been said a thousand times, but I knew comstock's daughter was elizabeth, I figured something was happening with the luteces, -because i gathered 76/80 voxo's. As well as I only think there were 3 or 4 good/bad choices in the game. Like the prompt that says" If you steal it could have consequences", implying you steal someone is going to attack. Also the "Skull sign finishers" make Elizabeth say "oh God" each time I did it.

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Agree, great game.

Very good write up by the way.

I believe she was locked away because she had tendency to open up tears (I guess thanks to her being born in other dimension) so they build the tower and the siphon to stop her from doing it.

Still can't figure out the scientists. AFAIR they were separated in different timelines for some reason. How did that happen initially? What about them coming back from the dead? I mean it's their alternate timeline versions, but why? What do they want?

The remark to original Bioshock with lighthouses - I did not get it. It was kinda cool, but the story there is quite different, isn't it? Still it confuses me. I really wanna know what it's supposed to mean, but it doesn't make sense to me =\

The bad Elizabeth and burning New York - why did the message had to be so ... unclear? Why not just say play the notes C, A, G, E? What happened to Booker in that hospital? I mean he was chasing Songbird and then was thrown forward and backward in time a lot while looking for her. WTF was that? The scientists interfering? What do they even want?

I got the same ending as you (being drowned), but I think it might depend on some of the choices during the game. The once I remember: I chose heads for the coin toss, I chose bird necklace, I let the army ex-friend live ... was there more? I also killed some innocent civilians. Maybe there is a better ending?

I'm not going through 300 posts to find if this is answered already for you, but the necklace around Elizabeth's neck is irrelevant, I have the Strategy guide which states it only marks as a cosmetic thing.

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I was reminded of Looper by the way the story turns out, but maybe that's just because I've watched it relatively recently?

Looper pretty much reminds me of it too, since you are the ultimate evil in that movie too, also the actual bit where you go to Rapture? Amazing. My mind is SO FUCKED right now. Kevin was right, when it happens you are NOT ready for it.