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Wow, this is just pathetic, saying Tomb Raider always had a good relation on MS platforms, a franchise that mainly has been on Sony's consoles.
If this is the way they want to go, selling out for a big, big bag of cash, leaving the people that has supported them for over 15 years on PS1, PS2, and counting the reboot on the PS3 and PS4.
I for one will no longer support them with my cash, go live on your Microsoft check.
Tho I will admit, I really don't think this is a decision from Crystal Dynamics, my firm belief is that Square/Enix don't believe in this sequel, as they didn't believe in Tomb Raider 2013, and thats the reason they sold the, probably timed, rights to MS, so I blame Square/Enix, and by that, I for one will not buy there games, not that thats a big loss, when was the last time they produced something worth buying?

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After watching hundreds of Cosmo-hours, it was really fantastic to see him finally break that elusive 18:20, and by 10 seconds!!!
It's been so many nights having he's stream on (since I'm in Stockholm), watching the Zelda and Castlevania 64 runs, and the reason I have Cosmo on, is because he's channel has a really nice vibe, he's a nice guy, he's commentary is fantastic, and the community around the channel is mostly so positive and supportive. So lets hope Cosmo can come to a decision on what to do/play/run next ^_^

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Well it's probably not the same Neversoft, or Infinity Ward anymore, most of the people that worked on the titles we associate with these companies are long gone, so to still call the company Infinity Ward is just a shitty move.
Of course I didn't expect anything ells, but I was hoping they would do the right thing and re-brand the company.

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Patrick, don't be a jerk, "it's unclear if PlayStation Plus subscribers will have to pay an additional fee", of course they will, or did you, or any one ells, expect Sony to give away there library of older games for $5 a month?

To me this sounds great, Sony has a fantastic backlog of games, and hopefully this service wont be that expensive, how about another fiver a month, that would be a steal. Lets just hope they don't put region blocks in there service, cause it would be so nice to get access to all the old, goofy Japanese PS1, and PS2 games ^_^

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Thanks for a great year Drew ^_^

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This thing looks weird, but so did at first the Nes controller, and the Playstation controller, and the Xbox controller, and so on, so I wont make any judgment calls until I try one.

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This is fantastic news for Oculus, not just on the technical side, but also on the marketing side.

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@mrpandaman: Ok, choir-boy, I'm from Sweden, but thats probably no defense ^_^
I agree that Beer is harsh in hes comments, but still telling him to go kill himself is just strange.
Sure both of them gets comments like that all the time, but when a developer tells someone to go kill himself something is not right in that guys head.
If you worked at company A, and a guy representing company B starts an argument with you, wouldn't it be kind a strange if he all of a sudden said "Go kill yourself"? If i was he's boss i wouldn't be anymore, if he couldn't defend he's out lash, he would get booted.
So defending Fish just because you guys (not meaning you in particular, just the general Internet folks) don't like Marcus Beer and want Fez 2 is just ridiculous. If Fish cant behave in a more professional manner than this, in other words defend himself from the bully Beer with good arguments like "Since I don't have the complete picture I really don't want to comment anything concerning X1", I for one wont miss him.
Fez was a really good game, but so many games comes out every month, so if Fez 2 is out I won't cry about it.

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@warmonked: So you really think it's the same, Beer talking about Fish not wanting to leave a comment to a journalist, and Fish telling him to kill himself?

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A bit one sided this was, yes?
Phil Fish is an asshole, and I'm glad he's gone. Of course thats not true, he'll be back in a month or two, cause theres paper to earn. Fish told Beer, a guy that has on the air talked about hes depressions and about trying to take hes own life, to kill himself, and i don't care if its from Futurama, its disgusting.
Now Beer is no quire-boy, but most of what he says is valid, he may be bullish, but the truth is that Phil Fish usually jumps at an opportunity to talk to anyone, the press, fans, podcasters, v-loggers, whoever wants to listen to hes opinions, but this time he wont say a word?
Stop defending this asshole, he did one good game, and after that said so much stupid shit that even Notch can hang on, and Notch loves hes Twitter account.
On the other hand, don't defend Marcus Beer either, hes doing hes job. But f**k defending telling Beer to kill himself just because it's a reference to Futurama, thats just idiotic and pathetic, shame on you.