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Agreed, very fun but a bit pricey. I bought the iPod/Phone version for £2.39, which I thought was acceptable, but the price on Steam (which is where I first saw it) is too much for two-or-thereabouts hours of play.

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Picked it up on the iPhone two days ago, you'll probably get one and a half, two hours at most out of it. Saying that, it was great fun. Didn't realise it had been out for so long... actually saw it on Steam first before realising it's also on iPhone. Looking forward to the next episode.

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I recently acquired an iPod Touch 4th Gen, and have been pleasantly surprised at how fun some of the games are. My collection consists of the following:
Paid Downloads
Angry Birds
Broken Sword Director's Cut
Flight Control
Mega Worm
Monkey Island 2 Special Edition
Puzzle Agent
Free Downloads
Flood-It! 2
Grav Runner
Mr Runner
Paper Toss
Sushi Cat
Virtual Table Tennis
On a semi-related note, I was wondering if anyone who has Broken Sword is experiencing the same problem as I am. I've completed the first section as Nico and am now at the first section as George (the cafe bombing). When I try and save my game at the cafe scene, I'm booted back to the iPod Touch menu and am forced to reload my last game at the end of the Nico section. I've tried turning the iPod off and back on and re-synching the app, both to no avail. I had no problems saving the game up until this point. Any info much appreciated.

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It's great fun. Capped random encounters are a great idea (though of course you can engage in non-random battles after you hit the cap if you want to level some more), and keep you at a pretty balanced level of challenge.

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Hoping it turns out good. I didn't enjoy the first two a great deal, but I'll give this one a chance to see if it sways me.

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Awesome, about time we had some more Stooges in the genre. The fact that its marked as "Pack 01" is quite interesting, would like to see whats in future packs.

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I'd like to see The Stranglers' No More Heroes for the keyboard part.

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@trophyhunter said:
" No! for fuck's sake other games can have the words  "Record of"  in the title. that's like asking "hey is gears of war related to god of war?" "
Sure they can, but it's not exactly a common phrase in titles (compared to "of War" or "Legend of"), hence why I asked.
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Just noticed that I mistakenly posted this on the general discussion board when in fact it was meant to be posted on the Record of Agarest War board, would be helpful if one half of the comparison was somewhere in the topic!

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I played Lodoss War very briefly on the Dreamcast, couldn't help notice the similarity in the names. Anyone know if there's a link?