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@mooseymcman: Noted. I edited the post to embed the images!

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From what I've seen, there've been a bunch of these made by the community, but no one's tried making some that look more like the original MGS1 codec portraits, pixels and all.

These weren't nearly as difficult to make as they look, since they're basically low res digital paintings. I did a couple passes of individual pixel placement and put it through a very minor pixelation filter to even some colors out, and I think the result looks quite nice!

Creepy Dan is obviously referenced from this amazing photo.

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I just dropped a huge upgrade to my PC in lieu of getting a PS4, thinking I'd pick the console up later next year. More and more it looks like I might not have to do that.

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I'm Korean-American, but that didn't stop me from connecting to Wei in how he sometimes feels alien around the people who look like him, and yet also feels like an outsider with the people he grew up with. That conflict between the home of ancestry and the home of circumstance is a pretty good encapsulation of the Asian-American experience.

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You guys are crazy idiots.

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As the only one of my friends without an N64 and Ocarina of Time, this was my heralded 'big-adventure' game that I clung to. Loved it. Tried the sequel years later and was disappointed by how awful it was. I hated what Tetsuya Nomura did with the character design.

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@humanity: Ah, I thought you used vectors. Did you just use the polygonal lasso tool for the shapes?

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@shingro: I'd argue that what you call 'casual' gaming is a hell of a lot more interesting than anything Activision's franchises have been making lately.

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I feel a little silly being so broken up over a guy I've never met before, but this hurts pretty bad. I drew a picture while re-watching videos of Ryan at his best. It made me feel a little better.

RIP big guy.

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Oof. Definitely playing this in English.