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This happened to me in October, and it took almost exactly a month to clear up. Someone had accessed my account, which I became aware of when the approximately 1500 Microsoft points I was saving for a rainy day suddenly got spent on Magic: The Gathering card packs and New Vegas expansions (neither of which were games I own.) I DID get 2 free months of Xbox Live for my trouble once the account was reactivated.

One correction to your article; you stated that players whose accounts were comprimised could not log in to their accounts at all to access saves; this is not true. While my account was under investigation I was totally able to sign in, play all my games, and all my saves were there; I just couldn't access any of Xbox Live's features. This made my playthrough of Dark Souls, which I had bought the week my account got snagged, really really boring without the cool online features. Still, I was able to play it, and all my other games, including my XBLA games; I just couldn't do anything that involved being online, like downloading DLC, Netflix, or multiplayer.

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If I was able to convince my relatively casual-gamer girlfriend to play LoL with me (and she really enjoys it,) then the community is not all that bad. Just as a point of reference, most of her gaming consists of the Sims, Farmville, and the occasional Minecraft session.
And I even got her to play some player matches with me, so it isn't all bot co-op. 
If DOTA2 is even close to as accessible as LoL is, we might give it a go!

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Xenogears, the first time you open that music box and it plays that sad music, I must admit it brought a tear to my eye. It was just so deep and beautiful and sad, nothing in any game since has affected me so emotionally.

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Horsies for the win!

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That was amazing. We need more!

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@swamplord666 said:
" haha at thought there was already an exploit in the multiplayer which meant that people were standing around shooting the gun in multiplayer and winning "
@InfamousBIG said:
" @Capum15 said:
" Yup. They're called "Vigilantes".
Man, I swear, I thought that said "vaginas" at first. "
I swear all you people are high :D
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I think its really just for the ranked leaderboards, nothing else

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"Dragoon" has to be the most awesome military title one could ever have. Congrats man! And good luck!!
Also - as a gunner, are you on the top-mounted machine gun or will you be operating the main cannon?

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The first post should totally have been that picture.