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 I'd really want the battle in this to be turn-based, but I'm not sure they'll be able to swing that in an MMO. If its locked to Fallout Tactics real-time style, count me out unless its considerably better than that crap was.

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Damn, I was hoping for it to be like an MK MMO or something. 
Deacon City = instanced game overworld? I dunno I could dream

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If they put the two or three PS3 exclusive games I want to play onto this service (Uncharted, Metal Gear 4 and Heavy Rain,) I would try it. Otherwise, I can already play all that stuff on my 360 and PC.

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JokerClown88 said:
If it is even half as good as the previous two AVP games, then it will be amazing. Lets just ... [more]
QFT. I was a HUGE fan of AvP2 and its expansion, and still pop it in once in a while just for some wall-crawling, face-hugging action. Nothing beats dropping into a group of clueless Marine players from a vent high above and clawing/tail-stabbing/leaping on one, and then escaping back into the vent only to come back later and pick off the next... and the next...
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I'd be down with this game. I like the idea that your giant bird-mouse-ferret companion becomes part of the level, and as he moves you scale him or use him as a platform like a colossus. What makes it most interesting is the idea of a video game pet that is truly important, rather than just attacking dudes or pointing out where you need to go to dig up condoms.