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I've had three Xboxes fail on me.

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It sucks ass there won't be retroactive ones.
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In his opening paragraph, he calls Microsoft the poster-child for "corporate greed and everything that's wrong with America."  (Wouldn't that be Enron?  Never mind...)  Then he goes on to say that the 360 exists for one reason: To stick it to Sony.   Okay...I thought Microsoft existed just to make money?  Why would there be any motivation there aside from making money? 
The rest of the article can be summed up thusly: 
RROD sucks. 
I want free themes.

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People give you bad rep just for beating them.  Don't worry about it.

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At the very least, your Gamerscore will carry over to the next console.  People will be pissed if it doesn't.

ManMadeGod said:

"They need to take what the site "live eye" did (which is tracked how much time users spend on games/dashboard and so on) and put that on the system. I want to know how many hours of  Madden I played last week, last month, and over the entire course of the console.
I agree.  I've been saying this for a long time.  I want something like with Xfire, where I can check my time spent in each game.
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Yeah, it's worth it.  It's what, four or five bucks a month?  That's less than the price of a drink.  Get Live.

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Heh, I was just posting about this on GameSpot.  A couple months ago, I got this limited edition controller; it's white and black and has little designs on it.  The right stick started squeaking almost right off the bat.  It did not get broken in; it continued squeaking and annoying me.  I exchanged it for another one, which squeaked, so I exchanged that one.  I'm on my third one, which finally, does not squeak.

So, I agree with this guy:
gla55jAw said:

You need to go back and exchange it ASAP it will not get broken in. My original white controller has a left trigger that squeaks a little if i push the a certain way, so its no big deal. But I recently bought the red limited controller and both of the sticks squeaked extremely loud and I couldn't take it anymore, I went back and exchanged it and the new one was fine.
Exchange the thing.  No reason to deal with squeaky controllers when you can get a new one for free.
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I'm on my third 360.  My first one stopped reading discs and my second RROD'd.

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I'd like to play Quake III on Live Arcade.  I've had fun with the other classic shooters released on 360, sort of a blast from the past experience.  Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure it's been cancelled.   Link.  (Don't know if this is reliable or not.)

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