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That's a great write-up. Haven't played anything PB since Gothic 3, maybe I'll check this out...

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this was pretty fantastic.

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DA franchise is so bland, I don't see the appeal there.

And I just can't get behind Shadows of Mordor, sorry, but no. When it comes to LOTR I'm a conservative asshole.

The Witcher 3 on the other hand... I'll play that.

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Resident Evil Re... oh wait...

I really liked Rygar for Wii, but metacritic lists it at a 52 average. So yeah, I personally think it was underrated, possibly in part due to the visual quality of the game...

I also think that Metroid Other M is severely underrated, I had more fun with that than the Prime-series.

edit: full disclosure: I haven't played through all of Rygar, so maybe it turns into a complete turd later on, who knows...

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Man I wish I were a sailor.

The new guy forced Jeff and the others to attend a party, a... Mario Party.

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This is like the feeling I get when somebody cuts my hair I guess.

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I've pretty much given up on requesting features such as these, they still don't even have puppying basic categories for UPF, TNT, Breaking Brad and so forth...

The (lack of) sorting of videos is EASILY the worst part of this site (which I otherwise enjoy very much thank you).

To end on a positive note, I really like OPs idea!

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As a fellow cat owner, I'm sorry for your loss. On the bright side, 18 years is a hell of a cat life.

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I'm sorry but I'm fucking excited, I gotta call my girlfriend... lol I'm such a dork.

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