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Twitch has categories?

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I dislike Apple less than Google so it's iOS for me.

Tried a Windows Phone once but had to send it back because I found it unusable.

I have come to hate smartphones, it was a fun ride but I'm going back to my old Nokia when my current iPhone dies.

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@yummylee said:

The Evil Within. Even if that game turns out to be a fiery crater I still want to be there on the frontlines to talk about it.

I love your sense of devotion.

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I personally love the HG101 Game Club 199X podcast. It has people talking to each other about old videogames. It's not updated that frequently though, and lately it has kinda dropped off in quality IMO. Still love it though (but the earlier episodes are the best ones). Maybe check it out if you feel like it.

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OLED is nice, but charging on a micro usb sounds pretty swell too.

Idk I have the old one, get whichever is cheapest I'd say. I'll believe there's any huge battery improvements in the new one when I see them.

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I watch far from everything but I'm open to anything except Quick Look EX.

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Just drop the price some more and I'll buy one, promise!

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I would love Rorie on the bombcast, but think that 5 people are too much. Somebodys gotta go! :O