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Just drop the price some more and I'll buy one, promise!

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I would love Rorie on the bombcast, but think that 5 people are too much. Somebodys gotta go! :O

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I don't think people are complaining so much about the good duders donating money as Dan actually accepting it. IMO he should give it all to charity.

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The animations are executed pretty flawlessly, but the bomb needs some work.

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I find the gameplay of MGS pretty great, altough I almost prefer the simple joy of MG2SS or Ghost Babel.

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Now when they have this new Brad-run world order, maybe they could split the podcast into two parts: 'News' and 'Shooting the breeze/emails'? It's good as it is, but I always find myself wanting a longer and a 'bit' deeper News-section. Maybe that's just me though.

More Rorie would also be great.

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That's a great write-up. Haven't played anything PB since Gothic 3, maybe I'll check this out...

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this was pretty fantastic.