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I want a recurring feature where Brad Muir and Ed Boon just sit very close smiling at eachother.

Haha, I'd watch that! :D

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Thank you for once again putting this list together, @truthtellah (you did the AGDQ2014 one too right?).

Also, I would like to nominate the La-Mulana (Remake) run as worth watching. Good commentary on that one.

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Also having problems with HTML5 recently. Video does a weird rubberbanding between the current frame and the next while playing. Audio works fine.

Normlly I wouldn't report this since it is a kind of strange error (and presumably on my end) but seeing as some other folks are having trouble...

Chrome / Win7 64 / 4gb ram / Europe

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Press-conference talk-over: Great! You should always do this.

Late-night panels: The guests were great for the most part, but there were too many of them at the same time. The highlight for me was when it was just the GB staff talking to Ed Boon.

Also, the chairs and tables made it a bit formal, maybe try to find an uncomfortable couch or two for next year?

All in all a great show!

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Both Patrick and Alex seemed to enjoy Yarn Yoshi though, so one could argue that the majority of the the staff liked it (or felt indifferent)?

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I really enjoyed the Weapon Master mode in Soul Calibur 1. Best singleplayer fighting game experience if you ask me. It felt like a fairly organic way of learning the game and unlocking new content at a steady trickle, and it had a badass map. So yeah, I wish more fighting games had something like that.

Also, would really like a 'hotjoin fight' option ala Street Fighter 4 in Killer Instinct...

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Overall I like it. It's nice, but not the same revelation that the DS4 was compared to the DS3.

Judging from the click noises the dpad makes, it seems to be 'true' 8-directional digital input now rather than the analog swivel solution of the 360 version. I haven't opened up the One controller though, so please correct me if I'm wrong.

I fucking love the triggers, moreso than the DS4 triggers even.

The only real bummer is the bumpers, as many other have pointed out, they are a blatant downgrade from the 360 controller.

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MOTHER OF GOD, the suspense is killing me.

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Ooh, tank control essay. Where?

Oh dear, I now feel like the post has been made to be more... grander than it actually is :P And it's not specifically just tank controls but rather the way the old Resident Evil games played in general. It's post #17 over yonder anywhoo.

gee sorry, I guess I wanted to be a bit witty (regarding it being kind of long for a post) when I wrote my comment about it... Didn't mean to misinform anyone! :P

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Heeey... I'm a big RE fan, so although I don't often read the wiki I'm sure to have read some of your contributions. I think you've done a lot of good work, and I would just like to thank you for that.

As an aside, I read your short essay on Tank Controls somewhere in the forums recently and it brought a tear to my eye! ;D Man I miss that gameplay...