Dear Valve, Meet TAG: The power of paint.

Once I saw the Portal 2 trailers, something bothered me. Portal 2 uses a few gels to aid in puzzles.  Repulsion Gel & Propulsion Gel, have so far been revealed.
This reminded me of a game I saw on 4/7/2009. That is the day that on the video program CO-OP, had their "Indie Games Special" where they showed off several indie games and their devs. Well, if you watch that video, you will see a game called. TAG: the power of paint.  
If you have played the game or seen that episode of CO-OP, you will notice that TAG uses gels or "paint" to apply different effects to the ground. Red for speed. Green for jumps.  Blue to stick to objects.  This just seems alittle strange. 
If you would like to read more about "The Power of Paint" go to  (The website given in the episode has since shutdown) And if you'd like to see the Indie Games Special you can download it on itumes or, go here
Does anyone else find this strange?



Outlaws to the End is the Glitchest thing in recent memory.

So it started off by trying to load in to a public game. After 4 minutes of load time (starting at 7:42pm) I decided to go back to the dashboard and restart. Nope. The button did nothing. So I rebooted my 360. I had a friend (Short) invite me into his private match. Where he, another friend (Warf), and I then proceeded to play (Attempt) to play the co-op missions. First we did one with arms dealers, where the stagecoach disappeared. And we'd randomly get stuck under the map, and the only way out was to shoot your horse (you couldn't climb off), and then keep jumping till you were above ground. Then we did a mission with cattle rustlers, where our horses wouldn't return. So we herded cattle from pikes basin to Armadillo, ON FOOT. Then we did the hostage mission, which actually went decently well, Short would show he was at the start, but he said he was already done and then a few minutes later, would warp to the finish line. Then we did the river raft, where shit just got plain nutty. I fell to my death, in the 2 foot drop from the raft to the shore (not drown, fall). all 3 of us would be on shore, then we'd be under fire in the river. Just crazy shit. And the best part. Because of all the glitches, we received a grand total of 512 XP. We got 0 xp from all of them except the Hostage mission because shit just was glitch-e. And you can earn move then 500xp from running Twin Peaks in less than a minute.
Long story short. Wait for a patch.


Arcade Cabinet

I'm looking to buy an arcade for my birthday. I had some of the older games in mind, until I actually went to an arcade. I now think my girlfriend and I will be buying a Marvel vs Capcom 2 (or 3 depending on the $) Cabinet.


Kick-Ass the movie KICKS ASS.

I got an early preview of the movie today. 8 days before the movie comes out. It was violent. It was fun. I laughed. I cried. I thought I had epilepsy.  See this movie. Seriously.