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aha I see what you did there Zombutler, Dtoid is als- WHAT IS THIS I DONT EVEN

Also, props to GB for endorsing Dtoid, that's the spirit of GB right there. Not nominated? ok, just support the guy who you think deserves it. GB and Dtoid are quite similar in a weird sense.

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I'm not all about the points, just curious about how it's handled here. Anyways, thanks for the replies, I'll continue to take my own screenshots whenever I can, it just feels better. Plus it feels weird when every site has almost the same screens, but hey, what can you do.

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As long as you have a text supplement, I don't see why not? go for it.

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That's a good question... I have no idea.

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Sorry if this has been asked, but the forum search function doesn't seem to work to well for me.

Anyways, I'm just wondering if users get more points if they upload original images/screenshots they make/take themselves then if they were to just google search images for a game, download, and then upload them. Now I'm aware the GB staff probably has no means to check this, but for someone like me who has and will take their own screenshots of games for upload here, the effort seems for naught when someone can just do the google method and get the same amount of points.

Maybe implement a scout's honor system and have a little check box at the image uploader that asks if the screens/images are original?

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why is it some blue reaper thing? can we put the box art istead there? I've been trying to figure out how to change the image but I'm stumped, any ideas?