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go to one of the sega world arcades in akihabara and play virtua fighter! check out kotobukiya!

eat okonomiyaki!

by a japanese 3ds and instantly regret it when you bring it home and never play on it because everything is in japanese!

visit the ghibli museum!

eat 'crunky balls nude' and drink 'the creamy' coffee in a can!

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I had an awesome idea over christmas - a wobble bass custom horn. Wubwubwubwubwu

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I'm noticing that far too many of the tunes on the server now are actually fairly well produced proper tunes (e.g the wolfgang gartner one), rather than terrible half baked dubstep re-wubs of other tunes. The shit stuff like the Jurassic park remix is much better. The higher quality tunes are really bringing the server down IMO.

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is there some server not in the OP? looks empty to me. even the neogaf servers are dead. skyrim laying waste.

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I have Skyrim and I still want to play :( (assuming you guys are cool and dont take it too serious)

seems a bit of a waste having the servers empty :(

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i feel bad for not going on the server recently..

could someone list the songs on the server now? i got bored of listening to the same dub step lol

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well shit, i just found a dubstep remix of the lord of the rings theme. dubstep is the new rule 34?

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@drugged said:

Man, there are some serious trackmania players on this server - I presume they're there just because it's a popular server? Or does GB have an incredibly talented trackmania demographic?

Sort of on that note - does anyone know if the server is going to be password protected on tommorrows TNT? Personally I think that'd be for the best just for the 2 or 3 hours that it's live if only members could play on it.

yeah i was wondering about that, it seemed like there were GB people online at the weekend but when I've been on during the week I'm not so sure.