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Did I really just listen to Quake Live patch notes? Next week talk about the latest client update for EverQuest!

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This looks better than Unity to me... more boats, harsher landscape, a protagonist that seems more driven than most of the previous ones save for maybe Ezio. Unity just looks like another take on the classic formula, this looks a bit like Black Flag 2 and frankly I'd rather that.

My 0.02c

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Whoa that was messed up but super cool and totally fucked!! ...or not. that trailer was trying way too hard to be edgy. Even the singing lacked conviction.

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Here's hoping for a full MGS, MGS2, MGS3, MGS4, and eventually MGS5 playthrough.

Yes. They should skip the mediocre Peace Walker. Its story is recaped at the begining of Ground Zeroes anyway.

As a long time MGS fan playing Peace Walker for the first time now (6~ hours in), let me say this -

You are wrong! :D

I think the nature of the game (side ops) makes it a little weird for a feature like this, but I love the gameplay a lot. It's very similar to VR missions in its set ups.

Nah, skip Peace Walker. It wouldn't be good for this series. Its gameplay is more similar to Monster Hunter than Metal Gear Solid (okay, that might be an exaggeration).

This is not true! LOL. Ok, well, I never played Monster Hunter, but Peace Walker is very, very similar to MGS. In fact it's like a MGS 1.5 with a VR missions attitude. Are you sure you're thinking about the same game? It's just third person stealth with smaller levels rather than 1 big one.

It's more that the mission layout is more suited for handheld on-the-go gaming. I think Drew should play it in his own time, but I'm not opposed to them playing it on this feature. Hell, maybe Dan could play co-op alongside Drew! That'd be great! Besides, the story and characters in the game are very important for what happens in Ground Zeroes and possibly what will happen in The Phantom Pain.

Do not skip it. Co-op would make the feature pretty awesome and fun to watch. It's a long way away though...

Portable Ops added a bit to the story including the first canonical appearance of Roy Campbell, but Peace Walker was referred to by Kojima as Metal Gear Solid 5 before V came along. If Drew wants to follow the story Peace Walker is vital. It introduces a lot of what is happening in Ground Zeroes and it establishes the construction of Outer Heaven.

All that aside how can you say it plays like Monster Hunter? It felt like a mission based MGS4. I get there's ACTUAL Monster Hunter monsters in in, but surely you can see how close that game is to MGS4...

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Why don't people just use a Raspberry Pi?

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It was the first gen I skipped because I didn't have a Game Boy Advance, but mostly I loved the day-night cycle of Gold/Silver and it wasn't in the original version.

From what I've seen the world has wayyyy to much surfing so hopefully the balance the map a bit more. In a perfect world they'd kill off the HMs, but that won't happen.

3D in and out of battles, unlike in X/Y, would be nice. A return of the battle maison.

But really I just want to see what I missed out on all those years ago.

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The Vinny episodes should always be a now and again thing ... they're too good, I don't want them to get old.

Great job crew

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It's the generation most in need of remake. Red/Blue are brilliant (and had a good remake), Gold/Silver is (in my opinion) flawless (and had a great remake), Ruby/Sapphire was a BIG step backwards and hopefully this will fix them.

TOO MUCH WATER. Way too much surfing. Boring new Pokemon (the beginning of the decline in quality). No time specific events. Least innovation overall.

Revisiting and updating these games makes a lot of sense ... I just wish they'd also release the classic games on Virtual Console :\

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The more I see the less I'm hyped. Once I saw the gun radial wheel I felt a bit done. I'm sure it'll be good, but I just don't hold much hope it'll be great. I think I wanted a game closer to LA Noire in pacing but this looks more like GTA.

Time will tell. Sooner or later. Time will tell.

Die Waffen! Legt an! Da da dahh dah dun nun ununn nun ununn nunn da dah adaahh ... etc

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Guys, when talking about legal issues like a corrupt politician you should say "allegedly" a lot more. Never underestimate how exposed you are to the legal world.

EDIT: Good podcast as always of course, just my two cents.