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It was the first gen I skipped because I didn't have a Game Boy Advance, but mostly I loved the day-night cycle of Gold/Silver and it wasn't in the original version.

From what I've seen the world has wayyyy to much surfing so hopefully the balance the map a bit more. In a perfect world they'd kill off the HMs, but that won't happen.

3D in and out of battles, unlike in X/Y, would be nice. A return of the battle maison.

But really I just want to see what I missed out on all those years ago.

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16:9 split up the middle is good, but 4:3 split vertically is better. That said, split screen gaming is dying ... and do modern games even support 4:3?

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That's sticking it to the man Rev3!! YEAH!! Numbers are for losers! I mean sure we're a society obsessed with numbers and we have ratings for things like car safety, electricity usage on appliances, water efficiency... you know all those trivial things.

Sigh ... they're just doing their readers a disservice. If you want to do a critique of a game than get rid of the score and talk about it differently. If you're just doing a review but without the score who exactly is this in service of? Like all those things I mentioned before a score gives you a nice snapshot of what to expect.

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So I guess the Giant Bomb East podcast will be the new hotness. Congrats Vinny!

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@bunnellius said:

Just saw clips from some of Leigh Alexander's E3 interactions with Giant Bomb. Not comforting...


Ms. Alexander should not be held as an example of any kind towards anything. Loud and abrasive drunk is a personality type that doesn't work so well with otherwise happy go lucky personality based video game news and enthusiast website, gender regardless. If you're going to be a loud and abrasive drunk, you need to be at least charmingly endearing about it. Alexander is not endearing.

She really does do her gender and her profession a massive disservice. I know it's not a 1-to-1 thing but Roth Cornett on IGN movie team is fantastic. She brings a woman's perspective to so many things but is really just one of the team. She's the perfect example off one of the few great female pop culture reporters.

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Brilliant. Like many others my credit card information is stored on this site for my subscription. Makes me feel safe.

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Would be great if The Last of Us PS4 was free for psn+ members for a month or so.

Sounds like a great way to make money off a new release game!

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Who wants more friends? I'm an adult. I have about four good friends. Why do I need any more? Seriously I know people 'with heaps of friends' who throw a party and a bout 20% show up. Less if there's real effort required. I like having a small group of good friends.

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I so want to click on one of them... I just wanna see what those Google Docs are.

Well played bot.

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Don't y'all remeber? We alreayd have a lady-type.


It's Patrick.

( •_•)>⌐■-■