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Far too expensive for you to buy one and try I guess.

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What about :edgecasey

Also <>

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Pokemon as a series by far.

Individual games is a toss up between Pokemon Gold, Battlefield 3 and Final Fantasy X. But I'm leaning towards BF3.

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The decline of the Giant Bomb forums continues.

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Wolfenstein 2009 happened. Will cause anyone to be cautious about a new Wolf game.

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Earlier today I replied to some dude on Giant Bomb saying that the forums here are becoming a wasteland. I agreed with him. Exhibit A.

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@darkstalker: I'm convinced that the big site redesign a year or two ago when they moved to CBSi are what killed the forums. It hasn't been the same since then. Now the only ones who post are trolls, assholes looking for a fight, or people like me who have nothing better to do with their time. The forums are a fuckin' wasteland these days.

Agreed. I only recently returned ... when they take the forums off the front page for a few weeks it kills the buzz. Now it's mostly bullshit like this, people saying "Why do you hate the Wii U?!?" "Where is the Dragon Ball Z Quick Look?!" "I'm playing Dark Souls on my livestream!!" and reaction GIFs. I still love GB, but the forums are, as you said, a wasteland.

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The first Arrow Pointing Down podcast... I was basically just following Jeff after the GameSpot thing to see where he would land.

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And no, I'm not a Christian either.

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I basically pay so they can keep making the Bombcast. The rest doesn't do much for me ... but it's not a quality issue. I read about games more than I watch videos and I can absorb the podcast while at work.

The overall tone is more negative.

The guys just don't seem that into games anymore ... half the time they slam a game then at the end say, well I played for about two hours. And next week it's forgotten about. Or the classic "after the Quick Look I didn't play it anymore". I want them to push through sometimes and find out if a game is worth the time... but that doesn't happen nearly enough. Also Brad is way to obsessed with how much better PC games look (calling Far Cry 3 unplayable on 360 was a particular low point) and is WAY too keen to spoil games. Talk about it off the air! Jeff hates everything these days. It's moving beyond a joke at this point.

But hey, Patrick has gone from that annoying guy to someone whose work I really enjoy now. He's grown heaps. And more Alex is always good, but he needs to write more. Despite my complaints I do like Brad... he's more dedicated to playing a game to completion than the rest. Drew is like the cool guy amongst the nerds, which is a nice dynamic on the podcast. Jeff is funny and a fountain of knowledge on so much shit. He gets bogged down in negativity, but he's still a big reason I come here.

Also, Vinny is the best. Always.

YES, I feel the site is not the site I fell in love with years a go, but it's still good. And I'll keep throwing them money to work on it. I just wish they'd stick with games for longer than a few hours before writing them off.

My two cents.