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With both new consoles supporting Blu-ray discs do you think that there could be games that come on two Blu-ray discs, like maybe a fallout or elder scrolls. Personally if it is possible (time and money wise) to develop a game like that I would certinly play it, what about you ?

I don't think it costs that much more to make an extra plastic disc. And no developer sets out to make a game that goes over two or more anyway. AND who on EARTH would say "I love Fallout/Elder Scrolls, but refuse to play it if it's on more than one disc!! REFUSE!!!"

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Whoa! Wait a minute!! He's right!? Why has nobody else EVER said this EVER in the history of EVER!?!?!?!!! CALL SCOOPS!!!!

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What an absolute mess of a opening post. I mean... it looks like the inside of some kids school diary.

Incidentally ... Nintendo 64 had Super Mario 64. I think that says it all.

gimme a break, the HTML on this site is impossible. Also anyone who wanted Soul Calibur, sorry but I thought that game was rubbish, especially compared to Soul Blade & Power Stone.

When will you learn? You put up that box shot of Super Mario 3D World for your Game of the Year thread with absolutely no text. You've done it again here. Are you going for a record of the most locked threads?

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What an absolute mess of a opening post. I mean... it looks like the inside of some kids school diary.

Incidentally ... Nintendo 64 had Super Mario 64. I think that says it all.

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Oh that kind of finals. Don't worry kids, nobody cares about your grades after a while. There's plenty of people scooping human feces out of your local public pool with degrees and other qualifications.

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I am really amazed by how many people in the Giantbomb community are completely against micro-transactions. I know it is a skewed group, but I guess I just didn't expect so many people to be against micro-transactions in any form at all.

yeah its kind of a snap reaction for alot of people. Straight up jumping to boycott a game because it had micro-transactions without even knowing how they're implemented.

Honestly I expect most of them are either tight on money or too young to have a credit card. From what I've read GT6 has the same progression as the other games in the series. I mean since GT1 the high end cars have been super expensive... there's now a shortcut you can take or ignore. Forza 5 sounds like they fucked the core progression for money, GT6 sounds like you can buy what you want or not.

I don't buy cosmetic junk or in-game cash on full price games. But I've bought bux or whatever in a few free-to-play games. Hell I spent $5 on cash in Tiny Tower but feel like I got way more than $5 worth of fun from that game. You can only rip yourself off in the end...

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Nothing. We don't have to in my country. I hated tipping in America... I was fine to do it, I get why it's a thing, but nobody would help or talk about it. It was always "oh you don't have to" or "just whatever you think is fair".

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I love video games but straight up I cant think of a single game that has had as good a story as most good books. If you want to take issue with how people phrase that then alright but I think what they are saying is just the reality of it. Books and film only really have a story to hang their hat on and have been around for a lot longer. They are just more developed art forms in general. Video games are more complex and new. They don't have to have a story to be good.

You summed it up well. I think The Last of Us has a brilliant story better than a ton of movies, but if the game sucked who cares? Conversely I really like the Metal Gear Solid games, but their stories are bloated and often tell more than they show -- but the games play great so I don't care.

The OP fails to acknowledge that is is every medium - "it's a good story for a superhero comic", "it's a good story for a big dumb action film". Few stories are truly brilliant and even less are video game stories that don't require the preface.

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(Ironically i expect this to get deleted)

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When did Giant Bomb become a link dumping ground for IGN, Eurogamer and Polygon as well as a place to regurgitate unsubstantiated news from GAF, Reddit and other random game sites?

Trusted sources... yeah right.