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Seems like it's all still down, I can't even get onto battlelog.

@pandabear: So you're trading in a game with online issues from EA for another game that is online only and is also from EA, seem legit.

You're sure showing them.

Ignorance is bliss.

I didn't saying anything bad about EA or that I was seeking revenge. I don't care who publishes the game, that game was fundamentally broken because it was rushed out the door to compete with Call of Duty. I have much more faith in Respawn and Titanfall.

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Kick Ass 2: S'ok. Hit-Girl is cool, the guy who plays Kick Ass is average, the plot was a bit too campy. The dog just disappeared too. The story got "too big" in some ways. But I didn't hate it. 3/5 or something.

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So last night I traded that fucker in for a pre-order of Titanfall. I sank about 260 hours in Battlefield 3 and would have been happy with 3.5 ... but that game was so much less. Even when it worked it sucked.

  • The new progression system, forgettable maps
  • Too many different modes that fucked up the overall map design
  • DLC fucking everywhere since day one
  • XP events taking place during server downtime
  • A "free" scope as an apology... for the second or third last handgun you unlock
  • Weapon and equipment mixed up between classes removing their individuality
  • "Leveloution" shit that not only broke the game but map most maps WORSE after it was trigger
  • BUGS BUGS BUGS --- one hit kills, bad netcode, 'death trading'
  • People from Europe joining my region's servers causing huge lag
  • Terrible single-player (but then again I didn't expect any better).

I consider Battlefield 3 one of my all-time favourite games. But I'm done with this series now.

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I have so many fucking European and Australian magazines from 1990 to now. US mags are STILL around $15... but SEGA Megazone, old Hyper, Mean Machines, CVG, Australian Edge (died after seven issues), Official Nintendo Magazine Australia ... about a billion others ... if they're worth anything I'm sitting on a massive pile of fucking gold.

EDIT: PC Gamer, PC PowerPlay, GamePro ... more that I'm remembering that I have a ton of.

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After the mess that was Battlefield 4 I'm willing to piss on DICE's grave and move on to Call of Duty.

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So many iPad bugs to squash! Forums hardly work - no quoting for example. And menus don't work either - you end up tapping what's BEHIND the thing you want to select on a drop down menu.

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Are you going to pay their licensing fees? Do you know the full story of what's actually happening? I doubt it.

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It's as bad as those emails Jeff mentioned this week on the Bombcast about people complaining about why GTA V isn't in the GOTY list. They said straight up Tomb Raider is good but has too many quick-time events and other issues to be one of the top 10 games of the year. Heaps of games got dismissed. I'd put Pokemon X/Y and Fire Emblem Awakening in my top 10... they don't agree, so be it. The writer of that article sounds like a pissed of fan-girl more than someone making a reasoned argument.

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Turns out Battlefield 4 is still shit... it will be my first trade-in of the year.

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Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift