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My advice? Looking for a job, if you're serious about this, is a fucking hard job. That's not meant to discourage you, it's a warning. And don't take shit personally... you won't get a bunch of jobs for a bunch of reasons, but you can't start thinking it's because of who you are. It's business. I know people who have lost heart looking for work, it's soul crushing stuff. Stay strong.

Good luck dude!!

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So when this turns out to be Pokemon Colosseum U or something can we all agree to never ever listen to rumours that go alone the lines of "TEH next Pokerman is coming too the WiiU & the new Nintendo console which my UNCLE who WORKS FOR NINTENDO IN AMERICA says is out by Black friday 2014!!!!!1"

Seriously, Pokemon -- it's a handheld series. Let it go.

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I really like the Keepin' it Reel podcast at IGN. Roth, Chris and Jim are the core team and they're great at looking at the industry as a whole as well as movies themselves... they talk a lot about comic book movies, but they're great at going deeper into what makes and actor or director tick without crossing into gossipy bullshit. Plus they have enough clout that they actually have proper celebrity guests on their show yet they never pander to them or act like sycophants...

It's up there with Giant Bomb as one of my must download podcasts.

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None... because my core team is so powerful it doesn't matter.

But I will on my next play through on hard. (played on Normal first)

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@pandabear: I suppose reporter is the proper term than.

Yeah I think so. Also, I came off a bit smug... my bad.

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It's probably your mum's black mamba. Put it back.

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Argyle here, not sure what I would be considered. I felt that the investigative journalist covered both areas. It's also nice to see my content on giant bomb, this is honestly my favorite video game site and I love the bombcast.

A journalist is anyone who works in the editorial side of the media but usually in print, a reporter is a their role within that. I'm a sub-editor, I've been a features writer, I'm also a designer --- all of these roles mean I am graded and paid as a journalist. A reporter covers news, and editor in chief checks copy and assigns stories ... both are journalists too.

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I wouldn't buy a console for a service that A) May only be available in certain regions for latency issues, B) Has no price structure announced, C) Is experimental and yet to prove itself, D) Has no set release date and could be a year off, E) We have no idea what the library is .... I could go on.

I'm in a country with shit internet so it has no bearing on me at all. I'd say buy a PS3 for the games that it already has that are amazing... but not for an unproven service that may not be all you're hoping it will be.