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I had a bunch of my comments deleted from that thread where Patrick was referred to as giving a "woman's perspective" on Giant Bomb because I got in an argument with a few guy and a mod. Looking back it was bizarre... that was funny as shit... but also I hate how threads have to stay rigidly on topic for some mods or others that want threads to stay "cool and funny" and if you make a serious point your comment gets deleted. I mean Giant Bomb is the fucking home of going off topic but also making a serious point.

So no, never banned. But censored. On a video game forum. It's not that big of deal.

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@pandabear: It's not about graphics, it's about ease of development. Porting from the PC to the PS4 is much easier than to the PS3.

This. PS4 uses x86 file system which is the same file system that windows uses thus its for the most part a straight up port of the PC version.

Fair enough. But the install base must surely make it worthwhile...


I know nothing of business or programming.

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I just get the feeling it'll be super niche and two or third party steam machines will survive. I guess to put it in perspective I only really play console/handheld games and would like a gaming PC as my current computer is a MacBook Pro (love that fucker) which I use only for work. But these Steam boxes hold zero appeal to me. A limited computer, no clear mouse and keyboard solution and none of the PC extras (as far as I know anyway, like PhotoShop, word processing, SkyDrive) doesn't appeal much.

I hope Valve do well. The Steam Store in the living room will give Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo the foot up the arse they need to have better sales.

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For as many times as my 360 died (I wanna say three times) Microsoft support was fine. They never didn't offer a solution (ie a label to print out and attached to a box to send it in)... I find it very hard to believe they said NOTHING of use to you. Call them back, say it's broken and you want it fixed... you don't have to be rude, just say what you want.

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Boy I can see why the graphical power-house of a game needs to be on PS4 only.

Seriously no PS Vita/PS3 version?

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Everybody poops.


Isn't that a popular R.E.M. song?

My mind went to that one track in the Deus Ex: Human Revolution soundtrack.

Too bad. Thought you made a stealthy reference to BLR.

You made my life. (You did not make my life)

That's pretty great though :)

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Everybody poops.


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I'm talking about the tunics, magic scroll, titan's mitt, etc. In previous Zelda games, I found myself kinda getting tired of doing dungeons by the end of them because they almost never gave me anything that cool. Sure, you got the typical Zelda tools like the hook shot in them, but that just never did it for me. Maybe because they were required? I dunno. I pretty much never got tired of the dungeons in this game however simply because I was super excited to see what cool new upgrade I would find inside. It made finding big chests actually exciting for once, because I knew one of them wasn't just gonna contain the Boss Key or a run-of-the-mill Zelda tool that I've seen and used a million times before.

My point is, I hope the Wii U Zelda follows in this game's footsteps in this department, and then some. I want more upgrades in chests, and less pointless rupees. And if some people don't like the renting system, then why not just have both required and optional items in dungeons? I mean, you can find rupees by cutting some grass, there's no need for 90 percent of dungeons chests to contain them. Espically not when it's only, like, a blue one.

Did you guys like the new upgrade stuff, or do you prefer having just required items in your Zelda dungeons? 'Cause I know some people are totally against Zelda becoming anymore of an RPG than it already is.

Did 90% of the them contain rupees? I finished that game last week and remember the majority of dungeon chests containing silver keys. And early on I wanted as much money as I could muster...

Also, tunics that lower damage are not new to the series. Neither is an upgradable sword. Neither are gloves that let you lift heavy rocks.

That game is amazing though.

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Yes because there's a heap of good to great PS Vita games and the sales of the console have picked up in recent months, so more should be on the way.

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