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He should play the games I tell him. Always. And stream them too. BOOOOO

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Fuck it, I'm going home and SMASHING that fucking Xbox One to pieces. Fuck that black box of shit!! I wasted so much time and money on that thing and it can't even do something that if nobody told me I wouldn't have noticed and now I care... BECAUSE!! M$ have lost my businesses!!!


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I found the AI in Fire Emblem Awakening to be pretty good at focussing on a target and taking your team down one member at a time. That's the biggest one that springs to mind from a recent game... but really I don't need most AI to be very good. I play online for the competitive challenge and single-player for a different kind of experience. Generally speaking.

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Thanks dudes.

Also, if anyone finds this thread looking for answers in the years to come I found this comparison chart

And it lists the ones that are flash memory and those that are battery backup. The Action Replay ones are the only flash memory carts...

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I'm sure someone on Giant Bomb has the answers I seek...

So does the Sega Saturn memory cartridge have a battery in it? I've heard there were a few revisions (random Saturn forums, so you know, trusted sources) but what I'm trying to work out is will I have to change the battery in one of these carts at some point? Or is it like the PlayStation memory card?

Also, are they region free -- as in could I use a Japanese memory cart on a PAL/US Saturn?

Thanks in advance!

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Oh Marialinda, you and your crazy schemes. Never change, ok ;D

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@nate said:


Another concern I have is that this is EA and given the way BF4 launched, yikes. That was bad. I love the game, but that was bad. I really wish I hadn't bought it on day one. On top of all that I hear this game won't have dedicated servers. Any others planning to get it on PC having some reservations? Or am I off base here?

I was so looking forward to Battlefield 4 my brain fell out of my head. All I wanted was Battlefield 3.5 and instead I got a heap of shit. A BROKEN piece of shit. I traded it in for Titanfall.

The 6v6 thing is annoying, but I'll give it a chance. As for EA and online ... SimCity and Battlefiled 4 are borked, totally. But Battlefield 3 was great. Yeah, there were launch issues... but NOTHING like Battlefiled 4. Look back at EA's history of online gaming ... it's not that bad really. Even experimental online games like Burnout Paradise worked great.

DICE made a bad game. EA pushed them into it, but they have to take some of the responsibilty. I have faith thta Titanfall, after years in development will work on a technical level. Gameplay-wise is yet to be seen, but on a purely "will it connect to other people online" level it'll be fine is my best guess.

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A drug addled pizza-thingy is haunted by the ghosts of his past

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I thought this was going to be a spam bot thread for sure...