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This shit is nearly as incoherent as the spam bot threads.

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Why is this on a video game website?

I don't mean to sound rude but I agree.

Also, it's a cool interview. I don't see people complain "where the video games at?" when Jeff reads the Space Jam novelization on UPF or when Drew talks about kayaking or some shit on a Bombcast.

If Drew wrote about Kayaking on the site I would certainly be asking the same question.

The fact is, this should have been a blog post or something on his personal site.

Somebody call the Waaaaaahmbulance.

I'm not whining about this I'm just saying it doesn't belong. Let's be mature.

Jeff and Ryan had long been talking about expanding this site into not just being about video games. They do a wrestling podcast now, a film podcast... This is the way the site's headed. If this didn't belong, Patrick wouldn't have gotten the go ahead to post this in the first place.

So instead of a core group of guys talking about games it'll be a low rent IGN with access only to celebrities past their prime or to talk about wrestling that 50% of the people on that podcast confess to not liking or watching? What happened to not making some scatter-shot website and instead focusing on subjective takes on video games? An interview with a couple of old horror directors seems an odd fit for the front page of this site, I don't think anyone could disagree with that... It's not about quality, it's about suitability. Alex, Rorie and Patrick should make a movies website.

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NBA Jam - Big Head mode

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What does the stand look like?

That is a seriously weak stand. Horizontal it is. Unless it's too big, then... vertical.

I bought an official vertical stand for my PS2.

I bought an official vertical stand for my PS3.

I will buy an official vertical stand for my PS4.

I am the problem.

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40 minutes there (minimum), 40 minutes back ... 80km (50 miles) round trip.

Still cheaper than living any closer.

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A framerate of over 9000, please.

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What does the stand look like?

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Alright awesome. Thanks for the help guys. Looks like I'll be leveling to 20 and then using my Master Seals.

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If you're playing on Normal/Casual, you don't really need to worry about doing any crazy min/maxing. In fact, I'd almost recommend starting over on Hard just to give yourself a better challenge.

In general, when a character hits level ~15-20, use a Master Seal to move them to an advanced class. When you hit around 15-20 in an advanced class use a Second Seal to move them to another class.

That seems easy enough to understand. But there's no way I'm doing this on hard. I've already died with a couple of characters on Normal, so I'm glad I'm playing on Casual. I'm awful at strategy games, but I've been getting way more interested with the genre with games like this and XCOM.

Trust me on this. I'm not trying to sound like a master of this game ... I got my ass handed to me early on and lost a lot of characters. But you will hit a point where, even with valuable members long gone, you will be unstoppable. You'll have a core four (or three) that handle the majority of the work. Hard (or Normal) with perma-death ON is the way to play. The threat of death actually makes you play better.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not charging in gung ho wanting to lose every character each fight. I plan and strategize in a way in which I'm trying to keep everybody alive, even if there are no consequences. I guess it's my little way of trying to honor the Fire Emblem name? But certain instances make me glad I chose Casual. For example, there was this one fight in which there was only one enemy left. But I didn't realize the last enemy was an archer and I forgot to move my pegasus knight farther away, and the archer ended up killing me. And because I'm the kind of player that doesn't want to lose anybody, I would've had to start all the way from the beginning of that battle, which would've sucked. It's not like "changing my strategy" would've prevented that from happening; it was just a brain fart.

I guess it's just more of a philosophical difference. I just don't like the idea of permanently losing anybody.

It's not that I don't see what you mean. I'm exactly the same way with games ... if there's a moral choice I save the game and see what both options are. But after the second or third reload I learn that brain fart or not there are consequences to my actions. I lost guys I actually gave a shit about and forced myself to keep going. In the end I felt like every battle had purpose and one fucking archer could ruin the balance of my team ... now over time that disappeared as I leveled up more and more, but even now one small mistake can undo all my work.

I think you'll hit the point of no return soon and the final half of that game will be an absolute cake walk. If you're still having fun, hey who am I to judge? But let go of your basic gamer instincts and try the game the way it was originally designed. I think you'll love it.

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