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So 80% of my trades in the GTS end in a "Communication Error" where I have to press the 3DS power button to close Pokemon, got back to the system menu and start the game again. It's almost like the 3DS equivalent of the blue screen of death. Does this happen to anyone else? I'm wondering if it's a router settings thing? Or is it a common bug?

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Thank you! That's what I thought this thread was going to be about. Like why didn't Nickelodeon make a cartoon about conjoined people. My first thought was Arnold from Hey Arnold and his black friend Gerald.

I'm more surprised the fact that it took somebody two hours of this thread being up to post that image.

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Thank you! That's what I thought this thread was going to be about. Like why didn't Nickelodeon make a cartoon about conjoined people. My first thought was Arnold from Hey Arnold and his black friend Gerald.

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Fucking kids.

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It comes with 500GB ... let's say it has 450GB available ... that's still a heap of games you can install. #dealwithit

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Read that the other day... I'm sorry but that pretty fucking stupid. I'm glad this time around it's a bit more versatile. You're right, it does feel better... the games play better too. Moving with the left stick feels more precise now.

Whoever said DS3 was designed for a racing game is a liar, the worst thing you can do is to use the L2 and R2 as Break and Gas, because you need to hold that squishy-slippery thing for a long time and it is near impossible.

"DualShock 3 became really light because of the feedback from the Gran Turismo team," Sony's Toshimasa Aoki said. "Since they use it for steering, if it's too stiff, when you're going back and forth a lot, you get tired, so they wanted to make it lighter."

I doubt the man who designed the PS4 controller is a lying about the design of the PS3 controller.

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Don't make four fucking areas that repeat over and over again. And more bewbssss

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I guess this is part of the reason devs love iOS and free-to-play.

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Resolution is important to avoid upscaling, there isn't anything wrong with a 720p image provided the display itself is native 1280x720 and has a small enough dot pitch to minimalise visible aliasing. 4K displays are coming and will be the new consumer normal within 5 years, a 720p image being up-scaled 800% is going to look pretty damn rubbish.

Yes and no. If I'm playing on my PC where my eyes are 2 feet away from the screen, yes I will notice a small difference. If I'm sitting on my sofa 8 plus feet away from the TV, no likely not. 4k televisions are not going to be mainstream. Do you really think the masses are going to buy a $1000 plus TV for something most of them really won't notice? Not to mention the bandwidth constraints of our increasingly digital world and how much upgrading would need to happen. Bottom line, I very much doubt any involved (except those selling the TV's) really want to get involved in that garbage. 4k is little more than a product of an electronics industry desperately looking for the next thing because TV sales are in the basement.

Besides we all know when PS4 resolutions are detailed to be identical the masses will scream in orgasmic joy just like they did at E3 when it was announced a subscription fee would be required to play online. People bandwagon all the time. They follow the trend and fall inline. It's that simple. PS4 will likely be more successful for no other reason than the majority deemed it cooler and nothing but. It's the same stupid reason people suck Steam cock and hate Origin, when Origin is factually way less restrictive than the former. Just like how everyone loved iPhone, but now it is cool to trash it. Like the locust, people swarm from trend-to-trend, and PS4 is currently trending higher than Xbox One.

PS. And for your information I don't invest in consoles, I love my god-like PC. Thanks.

A story by Patrick Klepek about how SD TVs make playing Dead Rising hard because the text was meant for HD TVs. In the next two years 4K TVs will become affordable(ish)... saying otherwise is like saying mobile phones will always be too expensive for people back in the 90s.