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I love some beer. I don't drink wine. Horses for courses.

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@pandabear: For every one rape they protest. There are 10,000 every year that go unnoticed and never resolved.

Fair enough ... but I still think if people want change they need to do something about it. Easier said than done though I guess... still sucks though.

If it was a member of my family that was attacked I'd like to think I'd get revenge.

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I have 250 hours in Battlefield 3 and think it's probably my game of this generation. I put two hours into the single-player and thought it was hot fucking garbage. NOBODY cares about single-player. Even Black Ops II was highly overrated.

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So you're not reading anymore console war forum posts ... but you'll start your own to tell us how you won't be doing that despite the fact it will BECOME a console war thread? Brilliant.

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If he has served his time, he has served his time.

If people don't want sexual predators to be released after serving their sentences, then pressure the government to institute life sentences for rapists.

But he was released before and did the same thing. I understand that everyone or almost everyone needs a second chance but he used his chances already....

Sometimes our system is a real joke....

I think rick_fingers overall point is correct though. The system needs to be pressured by the community to change. I mean personally I think they should be gutted in the street as an example to the others, but a longer jail sentence will suffice. Look at countries like India dealing with their own rape crisis -- people go out on the street and protest over one rape. Say what you will about some of those poorer countries, they have the guts to rally and stand up for what they believe in.

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Pac-Man has CE DX to fall back on for the next few years. Sonic hasn't had a good game in a long time.


Though I was just thinking this morning about Generations. It's go some shit level later in the game. But the first 1/2 at least is excellent. Overall it was a good game... but Sonice needs the CE DX treatment.

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I used to sleep on a queen, but now I sleep in a big bed with your mum. BAM!

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Call of Duty get criticised every year by reviewers and gamers. People act like they're the first person to say "Hey, has anyone else noticed CoD hasn't changed much?". You are not. Yeah it gets 9s and 8s, maybe 10s, but if you disagree with that reviewer constantly realise that's their opinion and move on. Maybe don't read their reviews anymore. I hardly ever agree with Jeff so I don't read his reviews (Syndicate was a 3-star game, Pokemon X is brilliant IMHO).

Why has your response to his question been to attack his credibility rather than, you know, discuss the issue?

Because this issue is among the most discussed in video games and if you're not bringing ANYTHING new to the table why bother? This is the third or fourth thread in a week to call out annual games getting special treatment. We get it, he thinks Call of Duty/other annual shooter/yearly adventure game are harming the industry. I mean, they aren't. They keep people employed. A LOT OF PEOPLE. If that's harm than so be it.

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But why is being single player focused being judged differently than being mulitplayer focused? I mean, I get that they have different target audiences but the amount of play time does not mean that the quality of that play time is better. It's like saying a game that offers an infinite amount of content is always better than a game with a limited amount of content.

Who ever said that? I play Battlefield 3, I have about 250 hours in it. I love the shit out of that game. My all time favourite game is Ocarina of Time, which takes about 40 hours. Time doesn't equal quality. The OP's issue was why do annual games get a "free pass" but a once every few years Batman game get slammed for being unoriginal. The reason is modern shooters are like sports games -- they are designed from the ground up to be annual. Arkham Origins is a one and done experience, and from all accounts it's not hat much fun. It doesn't get a "free pass" for annual because it's a single-player game that doesn't change with every play, Call of Duty for example does. No two games are the same.

On the flip side should original IPs get a "free pass" for being new? Do they get a score bump for trying something different? Fuck that. I want my review to say "hey you know that job you work at for 40 hours a week to make money, well this game is worth that money" not "look it's not that great, but it's new! So buy it! But if they make sequels avoid them."