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Seriously ... people ask about a Quick Look for games so fucking often. Who on here would know except for the guys that run the site? PM them...

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@zaccheus said:

I don't really see what's peoples problem with this. I didn't like the game, I'd probably give it three stars. All the combat which there was a lot of was super boring to me the story was gimmicky and silly. I really liked the look and feel of the world and I think Elizabeth was a wonderfully realized character.

So basicly the game was about 8 hours of complete boredom and 2 hours interesting things. Not a good enough ratio for my time. I put the difficulty on easy, because if I died and had to play more combat I would probably had just quit.

I wanted to see the story to the end since it was supposed to be interesting, but it failed to deliver for me. I dislike most twist endings. They are cheap and always create a feeling that everything before it was kind of meaningless and when you sit down and think about them they never make enough sense unless you are willing to just stretch it super thin. Not satisfying in any way.

I was shocked how much I didn't like Infinite. Then again I loved The Last of Us. It's very similar game in that it's really about the characters and the combat is just the necessary game part of the game. The difference is that I found the combat in it to be a lot of fun after I stopped treating it as a stealth game and just roll with it and tried to survive. Many people didn't feel like this and I think it's completely justified to dislike the game for it. Also it doesn't depend on a twist ending, instead it really keeps true to the characters it creates in a way rarely seen in any media.

There is no universal praise to anything and it's silly to expect that. Furthermore why would you ever want that? That would be fucking boring. People seem really down on this Tom McShea guy. I don't know anything about him and also don't really care. It's just weird that people seem to think that you can't legitimately dislike this game and you just have to be trolling if you express anything of that kind.

TL;DR: I didn't like Infinite, am I a troll?

So I think the here is that Tom McShea stirs up shit to cover for lack of insight or ability. Not liking BioShock Infinite is fine, but why bring it up now? And based on his history I can't trust that he was doing anything more than being contrarian. You're not a troll, people who don't like popular games aren't automatically a troll, but a guy with poorly reasoned arguments writing a bad review deserves to be called out.

He went on a stupid rant once about realism in war game that culminated in this interview. Personally I think it's a reasonable position and can be explored and debated ... I agree with the sentiment that there needs to be a more balanced depiction of war in video games and our collective obsession with violence is becoming bizarre. But fucking hell does Tom butcher his own argument... "REGENERATING HEALTH! REGENERATING HEALTH!!" that's the best he can muster when he's actually challenged. He cowers in front of the one person who could get answers from...

TL;DR - The problem isn't that Tom McShea doesn't like Infinite, it's that he loves to stir up shit like a forum troll

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Why do people feel the need to defend big corporations? Look this is obvious copyright infringement and if Nintendo finds out they're fucked... but I love local business doing dodgy shit like this. I mean who hasn't seen a stupid Superman knock off somewhere?

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@naru_joe93 said:

@pandabear: That's not the real script. Sony sent that out to the gaming media. It's just a bunch of blank pages. And I doubt that's anywhere near what the script is in size


So this is from VG247 (yeah, I know, but just go with me on this one) "Amazingly, Cage confirmed he wrote the entire script- a mere 2,000 pages worth. With the dialogue complete, he was extremely keen to improve on the performance of his cast." ... he's a maniac. That thing may be fake, but his bloated writing isn't.

Moar sauces.

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Last-nights pizza, canned soup, ramen, tea, yesterdays coffee first thing in the morning when I can't wait for new coffee to brew, etc. I'm pretty sure I'll die because of a microwave.


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Now i am not an expert on the Assassin's Creed franchise, but i have played enough to know what to expect. I never got into the series until Assassin's Creed III. Then i went through and played the rest of the games.

Now when you think of Assassin's Creed, you think of an assassin in old Europe (which is why i never played it in the first place). The newest Assassin's Creed took place in the American revolution, which game the series a new look. Now we're going to be in the Caribbean! Which is probably going to be the best Assassin's creed ever. So where will they go next? Are we going to jump back in time or go into the civil war or (i hope so much) one of the world wars? Then again making an Assassin's Creed that far in the future probably will be changing the idea of the game too much.

What? You know World War I and II weren't locations, they were wars fought - get this - over the world. And what the hell would you do? It needs to be a specific location... otherwise you may as well say the Iraq War.

It's gonna be Asia, they've milked everything else. Just set it in the future already!

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When I saw this pic of the script and listened to Cage boasting about it being 2000 pages I knew he had lost it. Even Stephen King praises the work of editors and cutting you own work down... I mean you shouldn't be proud of a script that big. It's like so many games where there's not enough oversight on the story or enough people to say "Look this is flat out boring/dumb/bad/badumb". *cough* Kojima *cough* ........ *cough* GEARS OF WAR 2 *cough*

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@pandabear: I think you might just be taking this a bit too seriously

Nah... if I had the money I'd buy both day one. I'll get an Xbox One next year for sure... but they're awareness campaign is failing. I know heaps of people that still think it's a totally locked down system.

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Well im glad Brad finally left giantbomb

Yeah I saw his first post on IGN this morning. It's pretty crazy to think about but there you go.