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@andorski said:

Ryse looks like this generation's Heavenly Sword.

Generic action game that's genuinely fun to watch.

You hit the nail right on the fucking head.

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@the_ruiner said:

Graphic design has fads just like anything else. Things catch on and they are reiterated upon and emulated.

Very true. I've seen other sites using something like Polygon's layouts for reviews now with huge images being like half the real estate and breaking everything up.

It's funny how what you're describing once looked kind of interesting and new but has become played out over the year. It's not terrible of course, but there's too many sites all looking the same these days.

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@sexytoad said:


Well, I notice that his 'symptoms' wouldn't actually warrant some medication. At least, in my opinion. So Alice, she could be pushy on it, and insists he takes it.

Then next, its time to build a connection. I think, it should be by blood. Michael could be creeped out so much, he searches his house which reveals photo of her. and I think you can handle the rest from here?

Yeah, it's these little details that trip up people.

Also when someone dies and it's expected they died from poisoning chances are there'll be an autopsy and a toxicology report. Then an investigation into what he was on and where he got them from.

Then there's the question of how did he find Alice? Was he referred to her by a GP? Does what's her medical history. Is the work pro-bono? If not, Michael has money. And why would he be so depressed he needs pills because he moved house? One thing that bugs me is weak leads in thrillers... they need to want to live and more importantly we have to want them too as well.

Hope that helps. I'm no expert... just my two cents really.

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FUCK! Hey guys, I lost my car keys. Has anyone seen them? Seriously, I'm late for work. Reply if you know where they are.

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@serker said:

Have you ever been in a museum and stared at a painting before? If the answer is yes than it wasn't a painting. You were staring at the wall next to it or something.

Video games are the evolution of the museum. Any great painter would have told you that the painting they made is a story told visually. They would say that the path your eyes take are all by design, and that every brush stroke had a purpose. What they wouldn't tell you is that they are liars. Every artist tries to overcome the feeling that what they are doing is a sham, and that the end result of their work is fraudulent and false prophecy. The painting is an idea manifest, but a life that died before it's time, a messenger killed before it could deliver the message. Video games and paintings are similar in that they are both not art.

To define what art is is difficult. The Mona Lisa was painted and repainted year after year until Da Vinci died, and he spent all that time trying to revive something that was destined to die. Jean Michel Basquiat was described as casting rituals and incantations through his paintings to give life to a lifeless canvas. Even in video games, the enemy of mankind is "Undead", something recreated unnaturally that no longer lives but toils for eternity without meaning or purpose. The Undead are paintings in museums. The Undead ARE video games.

The finished painting is nothing more than a game after an artist has ceased working on it. The viewer takes the journey set out before them, searching for an end, one that is ultimately decided by the viewer. In a video game, the player takes the same journey, taking the paths the designer has made, fighting the enemies in his way, and reaching the conclusion, the final moment where they go from playing to searching for whats next.

The player is no more an artist than the developer who stopped making the game. The painter is no more an artist than the viewer in the museum. What makes the artist, and the art, is the indescribable. The art is not what's created, it is the creation. What's left after that is just something for the next player to fight along the way.

Defining art is hard? Damn right it is, and you failed to do that or in turn explain why games AREN'T. That last part is... are you saying a work of art is greater than the sum of its parts? I agree. Your point is.... what?

"Have you ever been in a museum and stared at a painting before? If the answer is yes than it wasn't a painting. You were staring at the wall next to it or something" -- That has to be one of the WORST quotes I have EVER heard in relation to art. Who are you to tell people how they interpret art?

Look I'm sure you're first year art theory class an uni has been really eye-opening, but this is incoherent and pretentious.

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I love some beer. I don't drink wine. Horses for courses.

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@fourwude said:

@pandabear: For every one rape they protest. There are 10,000 every year that go unnoticed and never resolved.

Fair enough ... but I still think if people want change they need to do something about it. Easier said than done though I guess... still sucks though.

If it was a member of my family that was attacked I'd like to think I'd get revenge.

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I have 250 hours in Battlefield 3 and think it's probably my game of this generation. I put two hours into the single-player and thought it was hot fucking garbage. NOBODY cares about single-player. Even Black Ops II was highly overrated.