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I have Froakies coming out of my ass I can give you if someone has a PokeRus infected dude I can have.

FC: 4382-2149-1567

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Are you absolutely sure you don't work for Microsoft or one of it's agents in some capacity?

Things that make you go hmmm.

You did good kid.


NeoGAF post directed towards a Microsoft employee arguing that there's no noticeable difference between native 1080p and up-scaled 1080p:

hey Albert ,

If native 1080p is non noticeable , why make FORZA 1080p native?

Tell those poor souls at turn 10 they are wasting time and resources.

That's the best argument there is. If it doesn't matter, if it's all marketing spin and bullshit, then don't fucking bother. This post-rationalising is bizarre and desperate.

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I got drunk and hit a kid while driving to my parole officers place about four years ago. I didn't have to go back into the dungeon, but the judge took my D&D License away.

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People who use adblock should die in a fire.

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no i think they should just get brad to go on an endurance run through every zelda game

He'd probably get stuck in the Lost Woods in the first Legend of Zelda forever. :P

In all seriousness, if Brad wants to keep doing DOTA streams, I'm not going to complain. I don't watch them, but it does have its fans.

Exactly. It's not for me ... but if they did this with say Battlefield 4 I'd watch ... horses for courses.

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Get paid for it. If at some point you're not you're wasting you time. Peers and friends are fine, but deal with an editor who is paying you.

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I haven't listened yet, but it's no secret that Vinny is the secret weapon of this whole site. Everyone wants more of him.

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Most TV shows die a slow painful death ... I mean I liked Chuck (it was trash, but so what) but fuck that show should have ended after four seasons. Three even.

Few shows need to go for as long as they do ... but that's an American issue usually. British TV shows generally end when they need to.

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You know there's journalists on the ground in wars around the world... these are fucking video games. Chill out.

Calling bullshit on that one.

That would work if I said "don't worry about games, WORRY ABOUT WAR!" ... what I said was "don't worry what some douche bag thinks about video game reviews, he's not very good at articulating points himself, if you're concerned about the quality of writing in the media go after the big fish". Heck you can criticise video game reviewers, I have... but this guy acts like there needs to be someone from all walks of life to evaluate every aspect of a video game. It reads like a man with a serious chip on his shoulder and a big case of white guilt.

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@me3639 said:

you writers understand these are just games, right?

Meaning what, exactly? That games are incapable of communicating a serious message? That we should let our guard down when consuming entertainment, because it is considered non-vital? I can't articulate my thoughts, but there's just something horrible about this line of thinking.

@joshwent said:

If only Ken Levine was an old Black Lesbian.

I'm also really tired of this strawman bullshit. The article isn't about social criticisms of BioShock. It's about giving video games their due critical thinking and intellectual rigor.

I think what he means is even if we don't review BioShock Infinite up to the standards of the self-righteous "artiste" does it really matter that much? You know there's journalists on the ground in wars around the world... these are fucking video games. Chill out.

Also, that old black lesbian comment is perfect... and made me laugh.