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You just live man. You just find your own way and live your life.

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@pandabear: What were you doing in that little girl's bedroom?

I love Chinese food and educating young women on where to procure it. Also, park benches apparently.

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I think Friday was a genuine fuck up. This feels more like "Hey people like it when we make videos that are shit! Let's try and make a shit video!" ... Lightning doesn't strike twice it would seem.

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I think you're both safe ... the GOTY-ish collection for GTA IV came two years after the original. And I doubt Rockstar will spend any resources working on a remaster of that game... I doubt they'll even do a PC port. (All IMHO of course)

But I digress. The first option of shaving your head is instant gratification (which is good for a bet) the second is wayyyy too long term. It needs to happen as soon as you (or he) wins.

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We had to learn a bit of German at school ... but that's it. I'd love to be bilingual.

Does anyone know how hard Spanish is? It seems easy(ish) ...

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@pandabear: You should probably just give it a rest. It's hard for you to sound intelligent when your primary focus is on being a dick and trying to manipulate things in order to justify that particular personality flaw. Nice tries though. Peace.

Ok :_(

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Basically none. It's the forums now and then, but I never miss the AM show and the Bombcast. I'm basically a premium member just to support the Bombcast.

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@pandabear: Actually the main part of WWI was fought in Europe. The same goes for WWII except the marines were fighting in the pacific. The spies of WWII were the Gestapo and OSS including many others. They mainly operated in Europe. Of course the game would be based in Europe, hopefully the pleyer would be an OSS agent.


They were called World Wars because a country or countries wanted to take over the world. But never made it past northern Africa. It was't fought all over the world.

I'll tell the people of Australia (my country) that we weren't in fact bombed by Japan during WWII shall I? And those Australian soldiers that died in Papua fighting the Japanese or the Gallipoli campaign? I guess they didn't happen during WWI?

It was fought all over the world. WWI and II were about economics and imperialism, not full world domination and to say otherwise... it's disrespectful.

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@pandabear: Ouch.

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I'm asking from a pretty uneducated place... I do know that a lot of Demon's/Dark Souls fans are fighting game fans.

Forgive me for not being the bottomless fount of fighter knowledge that you must be. At least you had a clever quip in lieu of any real insight.

Hey that's ok buddy! I mean you're right to assume a punishing action-RPG like Dark Souls would appeal mostly to fans of fighting games (???)

Dead or Alive 5 for proper countering and defensive skills, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 for being fun and accessible but challenging.

I was trying to decide if you were born with infinite knowledge and simply unable to comprehend that there are other people who have to start somewhere else, or just born a douchebag. But maybe you are just a little dim. How you interpret "I know a lot of DS fans are fighting game fans" to mean "I assume a punishing action-RPG like Dark Souls would appeal mostly to fans of fighting games" is beyond me, so let me take a moment to help you out here with a hot tip: some gamers have an interest in more than one genre, and sometimes interest in one thing can lead to interest in another thing even when those things are not the same thing. Crazy, I know.

To everyone else, thanks for the actual input. I'll give MK and DOA a go.

@mikefightnight said:

DOA has easy combos to perform, so you can get to the fun stuff like reading your opponent, defense, wake up and neutral game much faster then other FGs. With that said I find a lot of DOA's mind games come from RPS (rock, paper, scissors) Other fighting games have this RPS element but in DOA it is a concrete idea. Throws beat holds, strikes beat throws, holds beat strikes. I am not saying it's random however, you must still read your opponents tendencies to do well. DOA is a 3D fighter but since you mentioned Dark Souls I think you would like it.

Thanks @mikefightnight - sounds like exactly what I was fishing for, with some similar elements to some of the things I like about the Souls games.

Awww c'mon pal, let's not fight. I mean your logic is flawless of course... but as you say gamers like all kinds of genres, so by your own logic a lot of Dark Souls fans are also in racing games, just as puzzle fans are into real-time strategies or first-person shooter fans can love RPGs. Saying "hey I like Dark Souls what fighting games would I like?" is as ludicrous as saying "I love Gran Turismo because I can customise my car, what sort of MMORPG would I like?". Fighting games are so specific and the differences between them all can be very small but critical at the same time... your question is incredibly broad. If you asked for a similar genre game I'd get it, but this... hey whatever.