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You want a reason Sweep?

Posts being deleted that are not even REMOTELY disruptive and i was playing it mostly for laughs tbh. This forum used to be fun, you could actually criticise things with being called out on being "a trouble maker/trying to troll" now its full of people saying everything is great because mods decide what is and is not suitable and delete what they like killing any interesting conversations before they get interesting.

Before someones jumps on me im not saying that we should put up with sexism/racism so don't be stupid yeah?

Could you give an example? I am not trying to jump on you, I really do want to know, because if the moderation was unwarranted then that is important.

But who decides what's unwarranted? It's all down to the 4/5 active mods who really crack down on things at their discretion. What one person might deem as okay, another might feel it's unecessary and disrupts the harmony of the board or whatever. I can see both sides of the coin on this one, but there's not much you can do about it.

That's not really how things work at all. We are all constantly talking behind the scenes through various channels and are typically watching and discussing topics as they happen, and it's always been that way. I understand that to users you only see the last step of what is a much bigger process, but realize that there is a process there even though you don't see it happening.

I have had private messages from users with posts in the 10,000s (so more dedicated than I) complaining about the mods on here. You're so right @deadpan I've been told basically "guys this thread is supposed to be funny, not for serious discussion". I mean it wasn't getting into politics or anything it was was just people talking about games and if I recall sexism in games. No personal attacks, no crass talk or overt sexism, just a regular talk. But no, it was deemed "not funny enough got Giant Bomb". I mean there's mods that CLEARLY have agendas and take criticism as personal as bad as some of those reallllly bad kids on the IGN comments section.

Wait your turn... one day they'll call you out and delete something you've said for no other reason than it doesn't suit them. I don't even want to say which mods I mean or this will most likely get deleted.

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How many goddamn posts do we need about this kind of shit? There's two consoles, both have strengths and weaknesses. And I mean saying wifi is a must.... yeah about a second of research would reveal even wristwatches can come with wifi now so I reckon a new console might.

There's been about five posts like this in the past three days.

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I heard Jimmy Savile was a necromancer.

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I remember when the bots used to be at least half-way interesting. You do your people a disservice epltyab

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Actually the hardest is that fucking awful boss battle in Dead or Alive with Omega or whatever ... that fucking camera angle where I kept jumping by accident. Oh man I'm getting pissed off just thinking about it. What an absolutely awful design choice.

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Virtua Fighter. Of course. Maybe 5?

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I think this happened in an episode of Family Ties once.

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I spent about $20 on Final Fantasy: All The Bravest. I'm part of the problem. Fuck that game.