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How many goddamn posts do we need about this kind of shit? There's two consoles, both have strengths and weaknesses. And I mean saying wifi is a must.... yeah about a second of research would reveal even wristwatches can come with wifi now so I reckon a new console might.

There's been about five posts like this in the past three days.

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I heard Jimmy Savile was a necromancer.

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I remember when the bots used to be at least half-way interesting. You do your people a disservice epltyab

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Actually the hardest is that fucking awful boss battle in Dead or Alive with Omega or whatever ... that fucking camera angle where I kept jumping by accident. Oh man I'm getting pissed off just thinking about it. What an absolutely awful design choice.

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Virtua Fighter. Of course. Maybe 5?

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I think this happened in an episode of Family Ties once.

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I spent about $20 on Final Fantasy: All The Bravest. I'm part of the problem. Fuck that game.

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It should have ended with Joel revealing that this whole story is one he's been writing for a book. Dan actually is dead, his sister Jackie is a lesbian, Mark was really Darlene's boyfriend and David was really Becky's boyfriend, Ellie was in actual fact his loyal dog, his daughter got her own spin-off show and instead of a fungus-zombie outbreak Joel, in real life, won the lottery.

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86% of KPop fanboys love the genre for the videos. 96% of the posts about KPop are the videos and 99% are of all-girl groups. I'm a scientist. Trust me.

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Will be save the genre? I say maybe so yes. Or the no.

Seriously, grammar is your friend. And the genre hardly needs saving. Maybe you just need to broaden your outlook.