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I don't recommend the WiiU to anyone who likes to game and doesn't already have a PS4/Xbox one. There are some great games on the machine but I can count them with one hand, and it looks to be a slow trickle of solid content over the next year or so at least.

If you do pick up a WiiU, I don't have anything to say that hasn't already been said. Mario Kart, Zombiu, wind waker hd, and a couple of mario titles out there are probably your best options.

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It's still pretty early in the game for me so if I have to restart then I will, but it bugs me that there's no clear answer to this.

At the section where you defend your safe house -- I died, then I died again before being able to retrieve my gear. Now I wake up to find my safe house under siege with no gear to defend myself with. I know part of the game's charm is its unforgiving nature, but I just cannot seem to get past this section to continue on. Does anyone have any advice?

Thanks all!

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@rieb20: Glad to hear they're looking into it. The whole issue is pretty annoying right now.

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Just updated to OSX 10.9.2 yesterday. I understand part of that update was for Safari, which I use to watch giantbomb videos in HTML5 (flash playback in chrome is miserable for some reason. if anyone knows why lemme know!).

Anyway, since the update none of the videos will play in safari. Anyone know what's up with that? Is it possible the update has nothing to do with it and it's just a coincidence?

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Thanks for posting this man, been dying to see it.

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@rjayb89 said:
" @pandemic:  Mélissa Theuriau  (I'll put the names of the ladies from now on, I had the same thing happen last time I put pictures of ladies in this very thread) "
Thank you.  She would be French, wouldn't she...
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Vinny or Brad.   I think Jeff and Ryan are better suited for the role of friends I would like to get shitfaced with.  Vinny and Brad would be better suited for those slightly buzzed family dinner conversations about worldlier things.  And Brad in particular, because as a Georgia native I fucking love Bojangles.

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Bombcast showed up at 9:58, huh?  Well I guess someone at the office was listening to my demands.  Muhahaha

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@BionicMonster said:
" uhhhh my bomb is made out of candy,please explain. "
Ah yes, I was wondering who got that one.  I consider it a psychological test of sorts.  You see, for many people, the desire to eat lots of delicious candy often outweighs the desire to live.  For them it is not a matter of hating life, but rather--of loving candy so passionately that they would sooner end their own lives than sacrifice an opportunity to throw back some dank-ass Skittles. 
What I'm getting at here Mr. Monster is this: will it actually kill you, or does it simply appear that way?  In either case, it is clearly made out of candy; not so clear is whether or not it will blow up in your face when you take a bite of it. 
HOW BADLY DO YOU WANT THAT CANDY BIONICMONSTER??  ARE YOU WILLING TO RISK YOUR LIFE TO FIND OUT??  Naturally I know how this will end.  As for you, well, you'll have to find out on your own.
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@girdz said:
" @pandemic said:
" @Furyjoell said:

" They answered an email about this on the latest Bombcast.  "

Yep.  If you go and listen to the "emails" bit at the end of the latest podcast, Ryan and Brad basically say that you guys are looking too far into it.   To quote Brad, "people like to make a lot of assumptions on very tiny shreds of information..."   But who knows, maybe they're just saying that in order to keep up appearances, all the while secretly fuming at each other. "
I sent that email :D   I knew Ryan doesn't hate Brad. I just thought he should address it "
Yeah well I'm glad he did all the same.  Regardless of whether or not Ryan hates Brad it's probably worth bringing to Ryan's attention, if only so that he can tone down the playful ribbing a bit.