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Looks like the PS3 version is being rendered at 640x480... yuck!

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Don't purchase this game yet. I knew this game was early access, but i was led to believe that development was much farther than it is. The game is buggy as can be, and not enjoyable at all to play. I've played less than two hours and the game is just littered with issues. I found a duplication glitch that completely breaks the game, you can't save, the enemies are EVERYWHERE and unavoidable, and there is some REALLY bad sound design. Also, the part where you wake up in a cave after your first death is incredibly cool...the first time, it shouldn't be something that happens every time you start a new game.

I thought this was going to be more of a survival horror game, so far it looks a lot like RUST but with people enemies.

Here's me hoping that they can make this game into something worth playing over the next year of development.

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Been waiting on this video all day, constantly refreshing - now i am off to work. Damn you, third shift!

If you check vinny's twitter he mentions that the encoder bit the dust last night so the video is taking the "slow boat" to compressionland. I would have thought even a slow encode would have been done by now, but maybe something went wrong with that too? Either way, i am doubting it will make it up tonight - even if the encoding is done and good, the video itself still needs to be uploaded.

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Can't wait for this. Hope there is more persistence from episode 1 to this episode, as watching them start at a completely random point in episode 1 was kind of jarring.

Persistence would just mean they haven't played the game since last time, which would be a bit of a bummer tbh. Also, Vinny mentioned on the podcast he's been playing it, so he won't be in at the same level/area. Can't remember what Brad said, but I think he's played more as well.

I figure this was probably how it was going to go, but i was hoping that the entire reason that they created the show was to compensate for the lack of being able to play outside of the office due to an influx of games between now and E3. They both seemed like they were already a huge portion through the game in that first episode, so my main concern is that this feature will only be 3-5 episodes long and about an hour in duration (30 mins per person in each video is what Brad did mention he was aiming for on the podcast). I want more souls content, guess ill have to find an LP or something to hold me over until the games release next month.

edit: to clarify, i meant PC release

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Can't wait for this. Hope there is more persistence from episode 1 to this episode, as watching them start at a completely random point in episode 1 was kind of jarring.

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@truthtellah: You know what, you're right. I just realized this. Nevermind. Lock this up. Wish i could delete this thread D:

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Nevermind, error on my part. Lock this thread or remove it.

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I'm 22 and have no license. Had my temps several times, though. I've never attempted the actual test due to lack of actually ever owning a car. Also, i'm secretly scared of driving due to a severe car accident when i was little where my brother broke his jaw and my mother (technically) died. My mother still has a giant scar on her arm from that wreck. I was lucky enough to come out uninjured.

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As a babyfaced dude(people often tell me i look 13, i'm 22), it applies to both. I've met girls that i would have thought were in middle school, but were in their mid-to-late twenties.

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I've said that i hated Rorie in the past, but my feelings have changed. And i agree that he brings some energy that has been lost since Ryan passed. Bring him in!