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A perfect example of overdoing it. 0

Harms Way is a FREE xbox live arcade game that plays as a mixture between motorstorm, and some kind of on rails shooter...However, the game never really plays either side of the combination particularly well.   When you first boot the games campaign you will be displayed with two options; shooter, or racer.   RACERThe racer is a fairly simple role. You choose between a (VERY) limited amount of vehicles, and compete in a race. Throughout the race you can collect "power ups" along the track that w...

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A fight you won't want to finish! 0

Foreplay  Everybody knows what HALO is, but i really want to make a single review for every game i have purchased over the years, and i think HALO 3 is where i am going to start. Why? Because it's the one game i keep coming back to. There aren't many games that can keep me coming back for several years after release, but this game just grabbed me by the balls and never let go! PLOTIf you're playing HALO for the story, you're doing it wrong. Although HALO doesn't have an unnecessarily ba...

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Retro gaming done right, or nostalgic disaster? 0

    The Review Castle Crashers is a relatively old game at the time of this review; but with talk of a PSN release and the new DLC, i feel like i should let people in on just how good this game really is. This review is segmented into several different parts, and is meant to be a quick read so that users can get the idea without having to read some online novel of a review. GamePlay   Castle Crashers is the second production from "the behemoth", who were also responsible for "Alien Hom...

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Dead rising will pull you in, but the flaws won't go unnoticed. 0

The DescriptionDead Rising is an action/adventure game brought to us by CAPCOM. The game is about a survivor(Frank West) who is a freelance reporter and decides it would be a good idea to investigate the local zombie infestation at the town mall. As you may have guessed, things go wrong. Frank gets trapped within the mall and has to survive for several hours before a helicopter comes and picks him up and takes him to safety. There is a little bit more story to be had here, but not much.The Revie...

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