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@wubb: I've had one perfection taken away by a host change, sucks. 
I just went 43-2 on BTB Breakpoint.  I was thinking about sitting back at 25 kills but we were losing badly.   

 I kind of pulled the team there didn't I?  Had to play it fast and crazy after being 27-0, and we still lost by 7. 
Would've been Perfection #5...I need to find some more Halo: Reach regulars.
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@Victus_Unus: I'm getting the same.
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If this means a Halo: CE with LIVE support then...I am in.  So long as they hold true to the original balance of the weapons in the game.  3-shotting people over LIVE would fun.

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@Zachariahus: What if you made the giant bomb logo flat, so it looked like a watermark on the isometric maps?  Wouldn't be too great in game, though, although the Giant Bomb server could easily have two bombs.