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Anyone know if there are any Black Knight 2000 tables in the NYC area? Supposedly the only one in NYC is at a laundromat? I played it once at Gold Colored Watch in SF but the tilt sensor was SUPER busted and kept dumping my balls.

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I overdid it with the roads. Also oh god my freeway exits are a nightmare

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@bisonhero: The two telltale guys shipped way more than just TWD Season 1, they were working at Telltale pretty early on, and were leads on the first Poker Night game I'm pretty sure.

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Oh god I hope someone screencaptured this stream, or somehow gets a copy...

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I like turtles.

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Location: Melbourne, Australia

ISP: Bigpond (Telstra)

Browser: Chrome, Firefox & IE

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Oh boy, this story blew up

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So before I hopped on a tram to head home today, I saw this emblazoned on the side of it:

Started laughing in public and got some crazy looks, but fuck it, having a public ad telling me "Put On A Fake Dick" brings me so much joy.

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I'm not sure if this is the right forum to put this in (move it if it is not), but after watching the trackmania 2 TNT, I found that the 'buzzing' noise that has been prevalent in their videos lately is getting worse, to the point of it being a major annoyance. Whenever they talk or some sort of noise is produced by the game, a loud sort of vibrating buzz noise occurs. Any idea if there are plans to filter this out in future videos or fix whatever sound hardware is causing this problem?