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Becoming the Champion in Pokeon Crystal, for the first time ever in the series AND as a girl character. Me and my Feraligator man, we did it. Together from day one. Seven year old me was hella pumped at the time and twenty year old me is STILL hella pumped just thinking about it.




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Just bought this fuckin' baller ass jacket on sale!!! I live in Florida, so I ain't never gonna wear it - but still. Still.

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@superkenon: I mean, insulting quips are my forte - it's why I have a twitter! I'd love to engage, but sort of conked out after I posted this and have been busy with class all day. I didn't really feel up to the task of writing essays on an iPhone either.

Give me a mo' and I'd be happy to dive in though.

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@brodehouse: I'm very sorry that your life is so difficult.

Truly the plight of the cishet white male gamer is one of the most pressing in our matriarchal, heterophobic, bigoted society.

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@video_game_king said:

@mikejflick said:

Video games are sexist towards men, as men are generally the bad guys, the killers

These are positions of power. They're demonstrative of power.

Games are are marketed towards their intended market and not the minority

Because women who buy games are in the very small minority at....45%. And they're actually in the majority if we're talking about the United States population in general.

Yeah, but that's probably your Facebook crowd. I'm just going by my personal experiences of the average female in my life probably couldn't name one recently released title.

Uh, really? Do you not just know many women or what.

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@brodehouse: I believe the actual quote was:

It's totally right for a woman to slap her husband, or any man for that matter, right in the face on national TV. It happened to that racecar driver a couple of weeks ago. But if a man did that to a woman? Game over, man, game over.

VERY DIFFERENT STATEMENT FROM WHAT YOU SAID. At no point was this guy stating that abuse against men directed by women was the issue- it honestly read to me as a creep who wants it to be as acceptable to hit women as it is to hit men.

And for the record I am, of course, always against violence in all forms. The stigmatization against men in abusive situations is to me something I both adamantly oppose AND consider a feminist issue.

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@librorumprohibitorum: Sexism is ignoring a person's individualism and replacing it with stereotypes and generalities of a social group that you place them in. For instance, taking arguments made by straight white men and declaring them ignorant because they were said by straight white men. Those straight white men couldn't possibly say anything resembling logic or fairness, the misogynist bastards. They wouldn't know what it's like to have their individuality demeaned or dismissed in favor of negative stereotypes.

@MeaslyTwerp; there is as much need for feminism as there is for 'masculinism' or any ideology that favors one gender over another. Which is why people who really care say they are egalitarian. Feminism cannot, by definition, be worried about equality over being worried about women. It's why they chose to use a word for female in their name rather than a word for equality. I will never understand how anyone chooses an ideology that is concerned for the welfare of a single group, and sees everything that another group does as threatening, even when it amounts to playing games quietly all by themselves, and then has the nerve to say it's 'for equality'.

The places where feminism is 'needed' is the third world and brutal theocracies, not free Western liberal democracies. Especially not in western democracies in which women make up the second-largest voting bloc at 57%, are better employed, live longer, are more safe, and have millions of dollars funnelled to organizations that are only looking out for the welfare of women. Despite all this, I get told how western countries 'need feminism'. No, it's women who can't go outside without putting on a burka that need the protection, it's women (and men) who suffer depravity because of whatever ridiculous caste they were born in, it's women who suffer being mutilated because of people believing in supernatural nonsense like witches and curses, these are the people who need help. But they'll never receive it, because western feminism is too busy attempting to stop men from enjoying anything that doesn't have women in it, anything that has women in it that are too sexy, too weak, too strong, too aggressive, too passive. A man wants a woman to put on more clothes, he's a misogynist, stop telling women how to dress. A man wants a woman to take off some clothes, he's a misogynist, don't abuse her with your gaze. There's no winning, and even when some men give up, and just try to invest their energies into art that has nothing to do with women, they're STILL misogynists because the art doesn't interest women enough. Remember, men, the only way you can have value is if women think you have value.

The only thing that keeps me sane is knowing that more and more women are refusing to play into the victimization, the threat narrative and the endless sense of personal entitlement that feminism advocates for. Without them I don't know what I would do.

This comment was so terrible it gave me constipation.

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@klei: Ya sound pressed as fuck here son.

Also, what is it with dudes and always bringing up how "unfair a double standard it is" that they cant punch women? Why y'all wanna beat ladies so bad?

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@clonedzero: Actually, popping a dead horse's belly like a big zit is the only way I can finish these days.