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For all the guys guessing my age, I'm 13.

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@shivermetimbers: No, I do. I felt like it because I felt sorry.

@Wrighteous86: No, I just thought they're funny!

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@CaLe: But I'm not a troll!

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@Contrarian: I know, I'm fairly new, I just posted this because I felt like it :P. Also, I reccomend going through some of those they're funny in a dumb funny sort of way.

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Hi. I'm Papa_XIV, also known as leonardonvk (I honestly had nothing to do with the RapeLay theme of that profile, must've been hacked or something), leky1, RandomInternetPerson (which I used until this happened), HoldOnToYourAsses, Motherfucker and JeffEater. If you still don't get what I'm getting at here, I have multiple accounts. They have mostly been banned, although I could check because i have the password for all of them. I know they seem like random troll accounts, but they aren't. I was genuinely imature, and now I feel like I have grown. I know most of you don't know me, but I still wanted to post this. I will completely understand if the mods decide to ban this account as well, and promise to not make another alternate account.

Once more, I'm sorry.

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@Seedofpower said:

I heard E-cigs work pretty well. Looks those up.

Are you sure about that?

On topic though, I never started smoking so I can only tell you from second-hand experience to NOT buy anti-cigarette plasters or gum. Plasters do nothing, while the gums create an addiction of their own.

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Another CoD game I won't be playing. Yay! It's sad how little creativity there is in Treyarch, considering they are damn talented for making vodka games EDIT:That was supposed to be vidya games, but iPad auto corrected it. This time it doesn't anger me one bit

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If I wasn't on an iPad right now I would link you to the YouTube spam rules. This way, you'll have to find it yourself, and you better add a paragraph or two.

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This is pointless spam that will, hopefully , be locked soon. Just because you're sexy doesn't mean the rules don't apply to you!

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I would love to see it,but I fear I'll accidentally break one of their laws haha