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Patrick's job has ways been to report on news and what not along with making videos. But he is the news guy and he has been covering it.

No offense to Patrick, but until GG is covered on the Bomb Cast, it hasn't really been covered. I think he would probably agree with me.

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I'm glad she called GB out.

I absolutely love GB, but hearing the guys talk about "news" for the last two months without mentioning GG has been sad. I completely understand not wanting to get involved but this isn't going away. Jeff and crew are pillars of the community and have a responsibility to address it.

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I'm 35, old enough to have lived through a lot of public figure deaths. I've never had one affect me like this.

I will never forget the time Ryan retweeted a joke of mine about Kreayshawn's sidekick looking like Jamie Lee Curtis. DJ Jamie Lee Curtis. I was on cloud fucking nine.

I'm not a religious person. In my opinion the closest thing to Heaven is how people remember you after you're gone.

We'll never forget Ryan. We'll always miss and love him.

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I've got only the Reaver Doll and I'm trying to get this achievement.

Can anyone help me out? GT: PapaMozano

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I'd be happy to see Peace Walker on PS3. I'd bet there is a good chance that will happen.