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So did anyone else solve who was the killer before Crooked Man tells you? The game never gives you a opportunity to say "Gorgie is the killer and here's why..." so if you don't figure it out on your own it can seem really random. I played all the episodes back to back so i feel like I had an easier time piecing evidence together. Even then I only found two

Evidence that Gorgie was the killer

1. Gorgie seems to be the only other character besides Bigby that smokes Huff n Puff cigarettes. In episode 2 when you find a used cigarette at the crime scene Beauty points out that Bigby seems to be the only person that smokes that brand. In episode 4, Nerissa and Woody raise this point as well. At the start of episode 5 you pay attention, when Gorgie pulls out his smokes they are Huff n Puff brand.

2. Faith's money was in Gorgie's safe. At the Puddin and Pie, if you gave Faith your money (58 dollars) in episode one, you find that exact amount of money in the safe, making that seem like the last place Faith was before she was murdered.

Also I had one nagging question that I never felt I got an answer for

Who was it that TJ heard saying "Stop laughing at me" while dumping the body?

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@drx25: major bummer. It sucks that as soon as he reaches the peak of his career it's unclear if he'll ever be able to wrestle again. I only hope that if it does take years for him to get better, that when he comes back the pop he gets tears the roof off the building.

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@mjhealy: @rachelepithet: originally the LoC reset was suppose to be a yearly thing, but with the increase in thread popularity it makes more sense to have it on a more seasonal (every 3-4 months) timeframe so that if you miss a show it's not the end of your chances for reaching the top. I'll talk it over with Doc once he's done starting negative chants about the great PandaCut at Raw this evening.

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Wrestling Wizard and LoC update

It's been a week since MitB and I have an update on both the Wrestling Wizard and LoC Grand Championships.

Wresting Wizards

Nobdy could find there mark on the Wizard side of things. Most people predicted Krazy™ stuff to happen in the WHC MitB match but it turned out to be a pretty standard match. Some prediction actually came true on Raw the following night such as the return of Miz and Jericho. Lot of B+ work but nobody proved they were an A+ player so as result @turboman retains.


LoC standing are now...

  1. 166 pts - DrX25
  2. 165 pta - papercut, Lumley Natedogg2
  3. 156 pts - GunslingerPanda
  4. 151pts - DazzHardy, Milkman
  5. 148 pts - Demoskinos
  6. 141 pts -Turboman
  7. 137 pts MJHealy
  8. 135 pts - Rabid619, GorillaMoPena
  9. 131pts - Shinmaru007
  10. 122 pts – Yesiamaduck
  11. 119 pts – MildMolasses
  12. 102 pts - FateofNever
  13. 98 pts - Wajin
  14. 94 pts - ajamafalous
  15. 86 pts - MayorMikeAckbar
  16. 85 pts – RecSpec
  17. 81 pts - Hunkulese
  18. 79 pts – Aronleon
  19. 76 pts – theveej
  20. 69 pts - ShotgunLincoln
  21. 63 pts – CorruptedEvil
  22. 62 pts – Doesitoffendyou_yeah
  23. 61 pts – lord_canti
  24. 60 pts – Broadhouse
  25. 58 pts – professording
  26. 54 pts - WulfBane
  27. 43 pts – katmanic
  28. 30 pts – Wmoyer83, rechelepithet
  29. 28 pts - redyoshi
  30. 26 pts – Junpei, Goldone
  31. 24 pts - DinosaurCanada
  32. 22 pts – rentfn,
  33. 21 pts – Optix12
  34. 24 pts - Undeadpool
  35. 19 pts - simmant
  36. 18 pts - Sideburnguru
  37. 17 pts - Boom_goes_the_dynamite

@shotgunlincoln was this ppv's MVP by scoring 34 pts out of 40. There was also a lot of rising in the ranks from a hand full of people making a title change seem imminent. In first place we have @drx25 with 166 pts but right behind him with 165 he now has three people just one point away from taking his title: @lumley, @natedogg2, and myself.

Battleground should prove to be interesting.

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The adventures of Brandi Rhodes continue to be kind of awesome

And that Charles Robinson photo-bomb is the secret best part of the video.

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@cmblasko said:

@turboman said:

Anyone in here watch UFC at all? I'm super excited about tonight's card, even though I'm hoping there's no upsets tonight cause I really like both Rousey and Weidman

I wouldn't consider myself a fan but yeah the fights you mentioned have me interested so I will be watching.

Same. Haven't kept up as much since they started having shows about every week but I still enjoy the ones I can catch.

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So did anyone else catch NXT? Is it just me or did Justin Gabriel all of a sudden get really good at promos? I still remember him performing hate crimes on the english language in the first season of NXT. Now, He might as well be Ric Flair.

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@demoskinos: I've been cautiously thinking the same. July 10th seems to be the show to see. Meltzer said it had the best matches and the Dixie stuff.

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@aronleon: I'll have the belt stuff sorted out by tomorrow.

@drx25: my swerve gif couldn't be better timed.

I don't know what is going on but I'm glad Emma's back after being gone for a number of hours I guess.

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I have not thrown in my two cents for anything related to Raw of MitB because ever since the news broke Monday I taught myself to make gifs just so I could make this for @danryckert.

Also, as resident Hoodslam enthusiast of the thread, I wish you best of luck at the 4th of July show. I won't be able to make it but let me offer some helpful tips. Show up in line 30-40 minutes before the doors open to get the best spots possible. Me and my friends usually get there half an hour before and we end up standing at the ring apron. If you do end up watching from as close as possible, I suggest the ring side on your left (stage right) because the other side is by the bar and tends to collect drunk assholes as the night goes on. Also if you pick the ring side opposite the stage, that's usually where most of the dives happen and it's really easy to lose your spot.

Hope you like it Dan. Welcome to the site!