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So, did anyone else notice Ryback used the wrong use of "Than" instead of "Then" on his nWo gear?

"Than, Now, 4 Life"

Anywho, great to see The Big Guy back.

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@rabid619: huh...weird it's like I someone subconsciously deleted R&L from existence. Sure it doesn't mean anything.

You have 93 btw. Tied with @milkman. You can be a guest on his youtube show.

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@aronleon: Sorry about that. You are actually tied for 8th with GorillaMoPena.

Secondly it's easy to look like Nakamura, but it's another thing to BE Nakamura. There is no way a Bella could hold that much swag. Also in order for the Bomaye to be her finisher she has to, you know, finish with it. She lost. Better luck next time, until then...

For real though, those pants were amazing. 10/10.

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@xanadu said:

@papercut: Thanks for all of your work duder! I didnt realize how much more fun ppvs are with these stipulations on the line!

Don't just thank me, @drx25 does just as much work putting the bets together. And just wait 'til January, the Wizard Rumble is by far the greatest thing to come out of the weird stuff we do around here.

@redyoshi said:

@papercut: Thanks! Out of respect for this prestigious title I will say that I definitely thought long and hard about each decision and did not in any way BS my way through half the form.

That's really all you can do. Logic has no place in wrestling.


That was a pretty mediocre to poor event that was book ended with 2 real decent matches with endings that were real head scratchers. The Main Event specifically was baffling to me because there's no real reason for Wyatt to feud with Ambrose. Or reason for him to come out yet. The original Wyatt debut was against Kane, which turned out super poorly with that Ring of Fire match, but at least it made some sort of sense. Kane is a Demon (half the time) and Wyatt is a terrify cult leader possessed by a demon. Or Husky Harris is possessed by the demon that is Bray Wyatt. Whatever. It made sense that Bray would want to make a name for himself as being the biggest baddest monster in the WWE by taking on Kane.

With Ambrose, they're both kind of weird. That's about it. I'm sure Wyatt can cut a promo Monday to justified it, but Wyatt promo's are so easy to cut at this point he could start a feud with anybody. He did one with BABY FACE MIZ for god sake.

On top of that, this didn't really mirror the debut of Kane in the Shawn/Taker Cell match because Kane had been built up to that point and established as an enemy of Undertaker. Here's we had a few weeks of classic abstract Wyatt video packages. They were all really good, but they felt like they were going to build up to him taking out someone of importance: Vince, Taker, Stephanie, Hogan, Brock. Things that would be ground shaking. Here it just feels like another midcard match.

Unless this somehow leads into a Shield reunion to take on the Wyatts in which case ignore everything I just wrote because that would be fabulous.

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LoC Update

An impressive showing tonight in the League of Champions. We have a NEW champion, @redyoshi. He earned the most points out of anyone with 44/50 points! Not only that, he jumped from Number 9 all the way to Number 1!

Here are the rest of the standing from the night. NOTE: If you did not participate in the last 2 shows your name has been removed from the standings. I still have your points saved and this was just to trim down the ranks of people that may have dropped out. If you would like to rejoin, simply participate in the next PPV.

1) 108 pts – redyoshi

2) 106 pts – DrX25

3) 105 pts – Lumley

4) 101 pts – papercut, amp_1986

6) 99 pts – MayorMikeAchbar

7) 98 pts – MeatSim

8) 97 pts – GorillaMoPena, Aronleon

10) 96 pts – NateDogg2, SquirrelGOD

12) 95 pts – DazzHardy, Shinmaru007

14) 93 pts – Milkman

15) 92 pts – PodKATT

16) 89 pts – WulfBane, Chance_S

18) 87 pts – Brodehouse

19) 85 pts – RecSpec

20) 82 pts – VierasTalos

21) 79 pts – Boom_goes_the_dynamite

22) 60 pts – Turboman

23) 59 pts – KoopaWithAGun

24) 58 pts – Gooddoggy

25) 56 pts – MJHealy

26) 52 pts – Xite

27) 47 pts – Corevi

28) 32 pts – GreigWatt, Shoney

30) 31 pts – gnarfman

31) 30 pts – PDXSonic

32) 29 pts – Xandu

33) 28 pts – Leadcat

34) 26 pts – Goldone

35) 24 pts – Boboblaw

Congratulations redyoshi. You may now wear the Wrestling Thread LoC Grand Championship belt with pride.

Wrestling Wizard Update

Everyone sort of went all out on Mizdow prediction to no avail. There were two that predicted half of the Hell in a Cell spot and that was the champion @hansolol :"Seth Rollins takes a fall off the cage," as well as @chance_s :"Dean Ambrose takes a big bump off/threw the cage." They both also had a half true prediction of the Wyatt return, but we do not deal with half truth when it comes to Krazy™, only complete unadulterated grade-A prime cut Krazy™.

So here is what will happen. Next month at the Survivor Series, Hansolol will defend his title one-on-one against Chance_S. The stipulations will be announced close to the event. May the best Duder win!

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Cena and Orton broke everything

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God dammit why do I always do this last minute

WWE Tag Team Champions Gold & Stardust vs. The Usos - WWE Tag Team Championship Match

Winner (2 pts):Gold and Stardust

Method of Victory (2 pts): pin

Person who gets the win (1 pt): Goldust

Person who takes the fall (1 pt): Jey

Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler vs. Cesaro - 2-out-of-3 Falls Match for the Intercontinental Championship

Winner (2 pts): Dolph Ziggler

Winner of fall 1 (1 pt): Dolph Ziggler

Method of victory of fall 1 (1 pt): DQ

Winner of fall 2 (1 pt): Cesaro

Method of victory of fall 2 (1 pt): Pin

Winner of fall 3 (if necessary) (1 pt): Dolph Ziggler

Method of victory of fall 3 (if necessary) (1 pt): Pin

Brie Bella vs. Nikki Bella - Loser must Become Winner's Personal Assistant for 30 Days

Winner (2 pts): BB

Method of victory (2 pts): Pin

Does JJ Bella Garcia get involved in the match? (2 pts): No

United States Champion Sheamus vs. The Miz - United States Championship Match

Winner (2 pts): Sheamus

Method of victory (2 pts): Pin

Does Damien Mizdow get involved in the match? (2 pts): Yes

Divas Champion AJ Lee vs. Paige - Divas Championship Match

Winner (2 pts): Aj

Method of victory (2 pts): Sub

Does Alicia Fox get involved in the match? (2 pts): Yes

Big Show vs. Rusev

Winner (2 pts): Rusev

Method of victory (2 pts): Sub

Does Mark Henry get involved in the match? (2 pts): No

John Cena vs. Randy Orton - Hell in a Cell Match Where the Winner Will Get A WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match Against Brock Lesnar

Winner (2 pts): Cena

Method of victory (2 pts): Pin

Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins - Hell in a Cell Match

Winner (2 pts): Ambrose

Method of victory (2 pts): Pin

Bonus Question: What match main events Hell in a Cell? (4 pts): Cena Orton forever and ever and ever and ever

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After a month of the Wrestling Wizard title will be defended at Hell in a Cell. Thanks @hansolol for filling in for Brock.

Here are the rules for the Krazy™ Predictions

  • You get up to 3 predictions.
  • Have your predictions in before the start of the pre-show.
  • Unlike LOC, predictions on winners of matches don't apply unless there are some Krazy™ circumstances added (i.e. Cena wins, FUs Johnny through SAT).
  • Who ever gets the Kraziest™ prediction right wins the belt.
  • lame predictions won't be counted (i.e. Santino has a comedy skit, Heel has DQ finish, Divas match lasts 2 minutes).
  • I will be the Decider of Krazy™