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"Darksiders 2 is very interesting," he said, "but I think I can get that team to make other very interesting games."

I also don't like this comment whatsoever. Ugh.

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Nice. More space and shooting is always appreciated.

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I use the assassin, and generally do very well. I play her a lot more defensively than most people seem to, I always use her blade gun to rack up a lot of bot kills/assists, upgrade turrets after I get her sword and cloak boosted, and use the sword at people trying to get into our base/jackbots. I rarely end up dying much and rack up assists and kills this way, then if a jackbot comes I can just rush it no problem(I use the gold armor for her). If it goes into overtime, assassin's are crazy good at just cloaking over there and lashing out on the ball. 
Some stuff people don't seem to know that helps a LOT are using her flashes to disable turrets. Support with an overhealed sentry right outside of your turret areas? Shoot at it to annoy him, cloak and flash it to disable. Then either melee him or sprint around slashing his sentry. Getting rid of either one works!

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" Achievement S-Rank quests will be awarded the next time your achievements get run. There is no need to re-add your accounts."
How often does this happen? I have 14 S ranks but none of them triggered. I had 13 yesterday and Mass Effect 2 went to an S today so it seems like it was run again.

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After watching the Endurance Run, I feel this is a good idea. Something about it is just endearing and campy to me, York's smile is also a pretty decisive factor in this. Wouldn't you agree, Zach?