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King of the Hill, CTF, and Oddball have been a huge part of halo in the MLG pro circuit and its sad to see them leave a ranked playlist.

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I guess this confirms ME3 for PS3 as well.

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@Fosssil said:
" @DrDarkStryfe: I can't think of a better epilogue to the game than getting to play a high-def remake of The Pillar of Autumn (first level of Halo: CE) in the shoes of the Master Chief. Not getting my hopes up for that, though. "
A remake of the first cutscene of Halo CE would be good enough.  It would be incredible.
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i get out of class at 9am on the morning of the beta.

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There has been an issue that i've been kinda pissed off about for a while now but I never got around to writing about it until now.  I miss 2D games.
 I've always wondered why develpoers don't make more 2D games.  Watching some of my favorite franchises turn to 3D just to look like shit has really depressed me.  I'll take Fire Emblem as my example(New Super Mario bros Wii/DS are also examples of this happening).  When Fire Emblem was brought over to america It's 7th and 8th iterations on the GBA were our first look at the series.  They were beautiful games in both mechanics and art.  Using 2D sprite art, the battle animations were just as fluid and interesting as the game itself.  When Fire Emblem was announced for the DS I was both excited and cautious.  I was excited for another handheld instalment because the Gamecube and Wii iterations felt like they took a step back from the incredible and deep class system that was in the 2nd GBA game, and that I felt that The series suited a Portable play style much better than a console experience.  What I didnt expect was for them to move the INCREDIBLY beautiful 2D battle scenes into the low res, shitty looking 3D graphics that only the DS can do.
Here are some examples:
                                                                                                                                             THE GOOD

                                                                                                                                                  THE BAD
2D is no longer a limitation of the hardware, it is a viable art style now.  With new, more powerful consoles we should be able to make games in 2D that look better than they ever have.  Games like BlazBlue and Muramasa: The Demon Blade prove this.

Anyways that's it for my rant I guess.  I just needed to get that off my chest.
Thanks for reading.
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someone NEEDS to make a GIF of brad's perfect photobomb.

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I just finished this last night.  those are sanwa buttons and i ordered a snawa stick today.
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the dialog is absolute shonen shit

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you shouldn't use gay to mean stupid or bad, but i think that faggot is a great insult. the way it sounds is great, but the meaning that it brings is not.

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@Hitchenson said:
" @Sir_Ragnarok said:
" New True Crime. 
Blah. True Crime has never been a good franchise. "
What city is it set in? My darn stream isn't working. "
my uncle is on the dev team for that.  their studio is working on Mod Nation racers and True Crime.   my cousin went to go play it and he said it was like a 3rd person mirrors edge.