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I'm not a terrible first person shooter (on the PC), and I can tangle with most people on Counter Strike 1.6 or Global Operations; but in this game I can't seem to kill anybody at all.

I've been playing on the PS3 for the past 3 days and am considering selling the game because it's just not fun to die 19 times every match.

Even when I get the drop on someone by some sort of miracle, he turns around and kills me easily despite emptying my clip onto his head.

Is this caused by the games unlocks? Do higher level weapons have more damage?

What am I missing here? Why does everyone seems to 1-shot me and I seem to be firing a potato gun?

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 I was going to buy this game anyway, but now that a lot of reviews have come out, and especially GiantBomb giving it 5/5, I'm most definitely getting it!

I'm really excited to see the facial animations. What I saw in quick peeks a few months back was very impressive and made my jaw drop.

Just got the game, played it for about an hour.

Fantastic. In every way, it's so different to anything out, a full on adventure game that let's you think and try to figure out cool ways to beat the cases. I really love this game.

This game has been in development for over 4 years, and it shows. It just oozes quality.

It's a shame though, from here on out every other game's facial animations will look like shit to me. The facial tech is just astounding. I don't see how this game would have succeeded without it, especially when questioning suspects.

Support the developer and buy it! 

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Currently making a WP7 version of the application that'll knock your socks off. :)

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If the game is no longer purchasable, why not? Is it any different from emulating a game from DOS from way back in the game?

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Would you guys be interested in a WP7 version? :D

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@Azteck: Yep, but I have it setup in such a way that changing the parsing is going to be dead easy. :)
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@Venom2112: Actually parsing the HTML was relatively easy with HtmlAgilityPack. That library really enabled me to write straightforward code.
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@npeterson08: What platform?
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Thanks for the kind words guys! :D

Any suggestion on things you'd like to see?

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Unfortunately the API is very lacking at the moment so I had to resort to parsing HTML from the site.