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For the treasure hunter I could only think of the chick in the thong. No dice.

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Is it weird to be starstruck over a couple of dead bodies? Also, I rushed to the window to see the hole the girl made in the window but the shades were TOO strong!

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He knocked batman on his ass!

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In the latest downloadable game for Fallout: New Vegas - Old World Blues, the player will be neck deep in a pulp Mad Scientist setting. From the trailer, the player will be meeting a group of scientist who for some reason, transferred their brains into floating robots? On the way to the location known as Big Mt. the player will have their hands full with mechanized foes including robo-scorpions and even bigger robo-scorpions! 



James in the game

Among the mad scientist, there is one in particular whose voice actor knows about being a scientist and the robots who love him. In the part of Dr. O is James Urbaniak whose most popular role as Dr. Venture on the Venture Bros. lets him know the price of being a brilliant scientist and having to pay for it on several occassions. Between the
show and the game, there are a lot of similarities: Robots, quirky characters, men of science who get into dangerous situations. It also helps that both game and show take inspiration from old science fiction from the  50's. Having James Urbaniak in the game as a floating brain in a jar seems fitting with the possibility that this could easily happen to Dr. Venture in the show. With a familiar character as James Urbaniak it should easily transition both fans of the show and gamers to the new DLC. Hopefully there's a quest to save "Rusty Venture."

Not James' first Videogame role (NSFW)

This won't be Mr. Urbaniaks first vocal appearance in Videogames. His first roles were actually minor characters and a little bit scary in a game that covers subtlety with repeated blows to the head with a hammer. In Manhunt, he plays a gang member for the Innocentz who in the first minute of this clip gets a pretty nasty necktie.  
In a surprise reappearance, Urbaniak returns for Manhunt 2 to play a member of a redneck gang called the Bloodhound and at this point, his characters should really start
 Farmer Ted
looking into protecting their necks. It's pretty funny when the character in the game says "boys" because it reminds me of Venture Bros. where Dr. Venture is always disciplining his boys. Start at 2:00. 
Mr. Urbaniak's new role in Old World Blues may or may not be the same as Dr. Venture but his previous voice work show that he can adapt and change. I hope to look forward to more videogame roles in James Urbaniaks future. Season 4 of Venture Bros. is out now on Blu-ray and Old World Blues is out now on the Playstation Store, Xbox Live Marketplace and the PC.

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I just realized the guy in this trailer is named Alex MacCall. The Secret World + Alex McCall = The Secret World of Alex Mack! =)

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A new trailer for The Secret World popped up and giving a new game a look is always my duty.   

  A very detailed look at a bar and we see a character drinking. So far this is really classy type of a bar and just a bloke taking it easy. For a brief moment, I'm thinking that he looks like Liam Neeson and then his cigarette lights by itself. Okay, so this game is about magic. Right when the guy in the trailer starts to make his way into the bathroom, I starting to see a resemblance with another cocky, disheveled, smoker, and Supernatural User. And just as he saddles up to the urinal, the guy next to him turns into a demon. Oh shit, that's John Constantine! 

That's not the case as I would have thought, as the guy from the trailer and The Secret World is called Alex McCall. On their Website, there's a character wheel and his background and attitude are almost identical to Constandtine. But The Secret world is about more than just one "Cynical and Sarcastic" British guy. The game is a huge MMO dealing with factions of groups like the Illuminati, Templars, and Dragon who battle demons across the world. I have seen snippets of this game and get interested all over again every time I hear of it. They are also the ones who put out this trailer in 2009. I'll personally look more into this game.
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The Pre-Order incentive I thought I didn't want

 When Arkham Asylum came out in 2009, the DLC was more of a entertaining bonus that didn't stand in the way of the experience of playing the single player or the challenge stages. The PS3 got the exclusive content of a virtual batcave for PSN Home users and could swap out Batman for the Joker in the challenge rooms. The Virtual space is really dark and dull when the Bat is not around but playing as the Joker in the challenge areas is a lot of fun. All the key gameplay of Batman (stealth, takedowns, counters), turned goofy with the Joker. With a surprising bit of authority with the one bullet he can shoot. 
The Gamestop Pre-Order of Dem Bones was a level where Batman is still under Scarecrow's hallucinogens and fights an undending supply of skeleton enemies. 
Now with Batman: Arkham City coming out, the news of Robin as a playable character with a pre-order from Best Buy, will the boy wonder really worth paying for?  He is the sidekick in a game where fans (me included) have been waiting to see the main character kick some ass again. But as when I first heard the news and said "why bother," I'm starting to see things in a different light.

Considering given Robin a chance

 Rocksteady the developers behind Arkham City can do no wrong. That may be the wrong phrasing, but I'm just saying that Arkham Asylum is a very fun game and I've been keeping my ears open for all sequel news ever since. Every thing I have heard of the Arkham City just makes want to get this game as soon as it comes out with a larger explorable city, new everything, and side mission with Zsaz and the Riddler. When the news that Catwoman would be a playable character, it seem to me to be an "Ashly from RE4" kind of level, but after seeing the character made really want to play with her. She crawls along the ceiling, uses her whip to swing along buildings like in the show and POUNCES ON THAT GUY!
  The characters that you do play as like the Joker and will play as like Catwoman are the same template as Batman but they are all unique. Playing around as the joker with the great Mark Hamill cackling his laugh and shocking people with his joy buzzer and kicking enemies in the ass was fun! Just watching the Catwoman trailer embodies Selina kyles lithe movements and use of her gadgets. Her personal gadgets being the whip. I have a strong feeling Robin won't be a carbon copy of Batman, even though he is Batman's protege. Maybe Tim Drake will be more Atheletic or Parkour-ish like Chris O'Donell in Batman Forever. Speaking of which... 

Why do I want this to be an homage to Batman Forever?

Robin Arkham City
Robin Batman Forever

  The two enemies (beside the penguin, zsaz, Hugo Strange, and the warden because I'm not fixating on them!) are Two-face and The Riddler! We just need Dr. Chase Meridian and "Two, count 'em, Two hundred sticks of TNT!"
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Not sure if this happened during the redesign but I've been having these problems with the tab section of the site. It pushes everything down.

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You may know him in many roles, but there is one personality that exudes from all of them. "What are you doing. Whatever it is, forget it and do this."  This man does not care what your opinions are and has 10 better things you should be doing.

In his new role as Aperture Science's very vocal founder and CEO, J. K. Simmons delivers a straight forward but comical performance guiding test subjects through experimental trials. But this is not the first time he has played a role telling others what to do. Simmons has played a Newspaper editor, President, and Farmers Insurance Professor with the same "moving on" attitude.

This man is good in what he does and with the back story's provided by his characters why not just make that a movie. Proffesor does mad experiments in his classroom with wild inventions, creates a company and then becomes president. From the Cave Johnson to the president in Command and Conquer , you got a guy who went from the

famous " lemon" speech to "you want to live, vote for me."

That set-up may be an improbable dream but J. K. Simmons comedic performance displayed in the parts he's been in  shows a possibility for a National Lampoon or Dreamworks movie.

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All I'm really concerned about is the "Toasty/Whoopsy" Guy. Is he down loadable or is he already in the game? Not a fighting game expert to be excited about the game but that whoopsy is nostalgic!