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Annoying Completionists Since 2005 0

I want to hate this game. Everything about it dictates that I should. And yet, I can’t. Be it nostalgia from my LEGO infused youth, or the fact you can’t help but love those stupid plastic people (I mean they have a society where they use their currency in construction. They’re not so bright). Or maybe it’s the fact this game forces me back to feeling like a child again. That pure reverence at the sheer amount of stuff you could do with these little blocks. And, yeah, there have been eighty-thr...

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The Definition of Unrealised Potential 21

 I'm gonna preface my review with a little analogy to help get my point across. You know when you were sat in class at school, maybe 7 or 8 years old. Your teacher tells you that you have to write a short story, and out of nowhere you get this fantastic idea. You quickly form a somewhat coherent story around it, and get to writing. Now, if you were to read that again today, that story that you thought was so clever at the time, not only would you wonder what the heck’s happened to your handwriti...

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Everyone Loves A Good Sequel / Rewrite 0

In 2007 Ubisoft Montreal released the original Assassin's Creed to critical 'meh'-ing; it wasn't a bad or broken game as such, but it didn't live up to people's expectations and instead became a somewhat boring game experience. The missions were tedious, the fighting was average and apparently you were wearing horns and carrying a devil's fork since everyone was instantly suspicious of you. But you could go monotonously climb to the top of buildings and forcibly stare at the pretty view so it wa...

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