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@the_ruiner: Yeah I felt the same way about his WoW Expansion quick look. It was like 30min of him going "Hey this is my base" and someone saying "so what can you do in it?" and his response was basically "well, I think, I donno, you might be able to... something... yeah I'm not sure" I think hes fine on live shows, so don't get me wrong, I just wish he did even some light reading up before he jumped in to a video.

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Talk about a harsh look! This was definitely not a strong look at this game. I like Rorie, but when it comes to videos I feel like he always seems under informed about the game hes doing a quick look of. The lack of preparation kind of bothers me. I get that this is supposed to be a 'quick look' style video, but including characters in different locations (one in a city, one in a forest), and discussing the game mode of the server your on (Rorie only mentions that he's in a Headshot only server when he can't figure out why the zombie he's shooting isn't dead yet) would have been nice. At one point its implied that your character sticks around in the world when you log off (this could be a huge turn off), which shouldn't take you long to figure out isn't true either. I'm just not sure what kind of prep work went in to making this video...

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@steadying: Then You don't have to buy in. I'm sure he knew what he was getting in too when he called it down. Did he seem salty about it? I haven't seen the video yet.

Here is the flip side to this coin, you could never buy in to a air drop for your whole time playing H1Z1, but you could totally loot as many as you can if you make the effort to snatch it before someone else does. I would take this over simply putting shotguns in my account inventory that I can put on every character I make. That's the dark path this game could have taken.

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I loaded this game up over the weekend just to see if it was still alive. Not only is the website for it still up, but the servers that I played on oh so many years ago are also still running. Nothing has really changed in the Well of Souls world, but thats fine with me! I would love to see this game active again, if only for the novelty of it.

Incase anyone reads this, you can get the game at

Its free, and servers are still up!

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@zironz: you would think this would be obvious.

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Just got on board with the Bomb Squad. If you want in, do a /who bomb and make sure you change the drop down from Zone to Guild. You should see a bunch of people online from the guild. Send any one of them a message and you'll likely get in. Thats what I did anyway! See you all in game!

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So I started up again, rolled an alliance character because I've never fully played that side of the game, and started my adventure on Aerie Peak where Dan the Man is. Anyone else there? Who would be interested in starting a simple leveling guild? I figure we could call it <Cerebral Idiots>!

If your down, shoot me a message in game, name is Thundergutt. Or just hit me up here! Whatever!

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RockGroin reporting for duty! Looking for an invite when anyone has a chance.

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Hey guys, I'm looking for a NA Guest Pass if anyone has one.

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Just watched the quick look, want this game pretty bad, but I want to buy it on PC! Has anyone heard of a release date for PC (if any)?