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So on the front page, and some of the content pages you get a glimpse of what's coming down the pipe for live shows. Is there a calendar or RSS that I could subscribe to say via, Google Calendar, so I can get these upcoming events elsewhere? I don't always look at that side bar when I'm here, but when I do, I usually see stuff I would watch if I could remember to watch it!

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Hey thanks for commenting duders! <3

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I just want to say, its pretty awesome that this is the first google result when you google "League of Legends Podcast"

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I'd also like a buddy key if anyone has one kicking around.

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what if I can't make it? Will there be an archive I can watch later?

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Yeah just LoL. Were not big fans of HoN to be honest. Its a good game, but LoL is more our speed. 

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Well over the last week or so I've been hard at work setting up a website for the All MIA Podcast! I hope you LoL fans here on Giant Bomb would come and check it out! The address is! You can listen to the most recent episodes right on the website, as well as view all our post cast lol matchs! 
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 Going live soon! EVERYONE GET IN HERE!    

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All MIA Podcast #002 - [NTBD] Tonight Live at ~11PM! EDT! 

Join us tonight for our second episode of the All MIA Podcast! Expect some talk about PAX East which some of us went to this weekend, as well as our usual jibber jabber! So join us on our live stream at 11PM EST! When the show is over we'll play our traditional Post Show Game! Maybe I'll play Shen and totally suck at it! Who knows!


If you haven't subscribed to us on iTunes yet, you can do so by fallowing this link:
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