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@nilin: Sounds a little like Crimson Tears

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@mattyftm: You may have tried this or it might not work but the same thing happened to me, I lost my save and thought I had to start from the beginning again, but there was a workaround.

Moving over the chapters I could still compare my choices to everyone else, like you usually can after finishing a chapter. Doing this for all the levels seemed to let the game know I had finished those chapters and the choices I made so when I continued it then started from the beginning of the chapter I was playing through when my save was lost rather than from the very start.

Sorry if it doesn't work for you but worth a try maybe

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There's youtube videos of Alex Kidd, Shogun and (bizarrely) a football manager who seem to be coming as dlc. Maybe they went for the budget price on release and plan to make money back on a bunch of dlc, which seems like a fine idea.

I'm really enjoying the game so far, a big improvement over the last game which I also enjoyed. I'd be quite happy to drop some more money for some more characters.

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Anyone any idea on whether this affects only old pre-patch saves or if starting a new game and saving that would still be open to the bug?

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There will also be an SD card slot on the device, presumably for the sake of adding additional games down the road, or maybe just so you can load photos onto it or something.

The Mega Drive one Blaze released previously also had a SD card slot which was basically for Roms. The manual described it as being for 'Internet Games Download Feature'.

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Who gets custody of the Will Smith sex face clip? TNT wouldn't be the same without it.

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@supamon said:

@hulkhogan2 said:

Now can we start a Kickstarter for Deadly Premonition 2!!!


Take all of my money
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No mention of Devil's Third?

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I remember being pretty disapointed when Seeds got shut down, though in the end it led to Platinum so it wasn't all bad. Capcom's not been the same since though.
Also Game Republic, Cavia and Cing as I felt they all were responsible for some great games and had a good deal more to offer.

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