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So their description of the scene is actually more graphic than the scene itself.

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The news and mashup RSS feeds are a bit inconsistent with the GOTY stuff as well it seems. I don't think Patrick's list showed up in the news feed,or if it did it was bumped out by the other lists because the feed only shows 4(?!) items right now. The site mashup feed shows more items but only has Cara's and Kan Gao's lists of the individual lists.

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This is non news, considering Phil said as much back in August. I still have zero doubt that Squenix will publish the PC and PS4 versions 6 months later.

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The companion app game is basically what the main game used to have as brotherhood missions. You send dudes out on a mission for x amount of time, do it couple more times and a chest unlocks. With the glyph puzzles you unlock more missions. It's not awful and takes like 2 minutes to send dudes out, but really the worst part is that it used to be part of the main game and a way to boost your brotherhood dudes.

I'm much more annoyed by how so much of the gear is locked behind club activities (that are not even online yet) and completing co-op missions multiple times. Fashion Creed is the best Assassin's Creed.

It's really too bad, because I enjoy the core experience of all AC games, even Unity. But everything surrounding it is just a cavalcade of bad decisions.

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After Deathspank and The Cave, Gilbert won't be getting my money in advance.

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Banal? Your opinion on the matter is banal.

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@imallinson said:

@parsnip: I doubt this is anything to do with GAME on account of them still recovering from going into administration, I don't think they have any weight to throw around in that respect. Also it doesn't make much sense why they were temporarily unavailable in other territories. If I had to guess I'd say its some dispute with Valve over the revenue they take from sales on Steam.

My guess is that someone pressed the wrong button at the office.

I don't know anything about GAME, that's just what some UK people told me. They don't have to throw their weight around if there's a deal in place from before. But I'm just saying that it's not a new thing in that territory specifically.

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Something else worth noting is that the pre-orders are still not available in the UK Steam, but this situation is not new.

It's been happening with all Ubisoft's big retail titles for a while now. They block the pre-orders on Steam but open the store page after the game is out. It's speculated that it's GAME being scummy, but no one knows for sure. THQ used to do this as well.


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Can't keep up with all these gates anymore.

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Hey @patrickklepek, thanks for changing the wording on the Felicia Day link.

I wasn't going to bug you about it, but to me your original wording changed the context in which I read her post, and made it a little confusing.