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Patrick in a tux is a reason to celebrate in and of itself.

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This is just fucking disgusting. I just...I can't even...

You know, what the fuck is SO HARD about the idea of peace, love, and brotherhood that people just cannot seem to fucking comprehend? WHAT PART OF IT IS SO FUCKING HARD?

Because the real world is full of war, hate and enmity. It produces fucked-up individuals. It's one of those self-sustaining systems. If this shit gets political (Iranian flag), I expect the victimised citizens of the USA will be even more eager to wage violence abroad as payback. And make more fucked-up individuals in Iran. Because of how they damaged us.

So in answer to your question: Because turning the other cheek is contrary to basic human nature. And it's those who are ruled by their baser instincts that pull shit like this.

EDIT: Oh wait maybe he's just crazy

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Resonance of Fate. The combat looks amazing the first time: then I realised, wait, the action and animations are incredibly repetitive, the story is almost wilfully pointless, and the only real motivation to levelling up was to obtain silly costumes, since there was almost no real sense of advancement in the gameplay.

(also Fallout: New Vegas bored me to the point that I have never, over about a dozen characters, succeeded in reaching Vegas. Granted, this makes my opinion almost completely invalid, but still. Linear deserts. Not. Fun.)

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One year on and the debate still rages!

Anyway, I like ES. i was too young to ride the original Fallout, so I can only say that Fallout 3 was a fun, but ultimately loses credit for being derivative of ES. FO:NV made an unfortunate mistake of assuming that it's whole 'grey-morality' premise was engrossing enough to overcome the skullfuckingly boring setting and characters. Screw that game.

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but he's a moderately famous american, surely he must be immune to Czech law

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Leonard Cohen and Tom Waits. Nice intersection.

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Halo, because very few games have succeeded in imitating and exhausting the things I like about it.

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My pic is from a Soviet comedy called Sluzhebniy Roman (Office Romance), starring the wonderful Alisa Freindlich and a jug of water.

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Watch Dogs looks awesome. But as for seeing it coming... it's no surprise that Ubisoft's making another stealth game, and what looks to be a 'social stealth' game at that. I think they heard the demand for a modern-day Assassin's Creed, and decided to just export the core concept to a new IP with new mechanics. Not to say it's unoriginal - but it's a totally logical franchise to launch right now, especially since the AC franchise is refusing to conclude and is getting a bit, uh, repetitive.

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To expect reasoned discourse from a rapidly-moving chat window is ridiculous. Nobody has time to read long, well-considered statements, so those with reasonable opinions don't bother to write. Also, while it's difficult to compose a pithy and entertaining compliment, it's easy to produce hilarious criticisms, spout memes, type in ironic all-caps: so people are sarcastic and jokey, and go for quick, dumb laughs, because the medium sort of demands it.

Oh yeah, and E3 sucked. Call me a cynic, whiner, whatever - but it's become evident that big-budget gaming has some major creativity problems, and this worries me.