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Because as funny and insightful as Jeff is, Bombcast will take a big step back if it essentially becomes a one man show with Vinny only making sporadic guest appearances.

Ryan, Jeff and Vinny were all playing at the same level. I know it's selfish to whine about a podcast. We all have to move on with optimism in our hearts I guess.

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I panicked, jumped out of my seat and went and gave everyone in my house a hug. It was my first reaction. I am so sorry he had to go this way. I listen to the bombcast every day for a few minutes at least and it is literally a part of my life. Ryan had the bombastic attitude that motivated me to make difficult decisions that pushed me further in life.

I am grateful. A big 'thank you!' from Romania.

Rest in peace!

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Stay strong.

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I hate social games :(
But I love the art style of the 'giants' :)