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So there's a guy going around Brisbane, Aus slapping cigarettes out of smoker's mouths...;=em Here's an article from a local news site too- Sent from my iPhone

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I was so apprehensive after a week of Metro, the fucking bugs were atrocious. I jumped on the second I heard Caspian was available, instantly got into an Australian server. No lag issues. No crazy bugs. Infinitely smoother experience, I feel so much more confident about the game after the past few hours with this epic fucking map.

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...that website is fantastic, cheers!

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Tried accessing neogaf a bunch of times just now, no love!

Anyone else having this problem?
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Last post on the matter I promise! My friend has kindly given me a permanent location for my podcast!  
Here's a link to the latest mix - this is the website I'll be operating out of into the distant, unknowable future!
Stress Waves – Ohneohtrix Point Never – Returnal

In The Fog III – Tim Hecker – Ravedeath, 1972

Escape Before The Rain – How to Dress Well – Love Remains

Beware the Friendly Stranger – Boards of Canada – Geogaddi

Rhubarb – Aphex Twin – Selected Ambient Works, Vol. 2

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New podcast up, less dubby more electronic. 

Minted - Star Slinger - Volume 1


Same Dream China - Gold Panda - Lucky Shiner

Strawberry Skies - Games - That We Can Play

Anything - Chad Valley

gobtween - dak - standthis

hold me - Team vs Starslinger

Ozymandias (Never Meant To) - Soft Powers - Ozymandias (Never Meant To)

 As always I love to hear feedback! And name ideas would be great to. 
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Thanks man I'm looking into getting some solid mics so I can do it over the air but I have put the songs in the track notes. Here they are for reference: 

Orion's Belt Buckle - Free the Robots - Ctrl Alt Delete

Fog (Jamie xx Remix) - Nomaj Thing - Drift Remixes

Neon Beams - Take - Only Mountain

Hurry Up and Wait - Nocando - Jimmy the Lock

Yonkers - Tyler, The Creator - Yonkers Single

Horizontal Figuration (Tokimonsta Remix) - Take - Only Mountain: The Remixes

Obama O's (Mike Slott Remix) - Jacque Polynice

Maybes (James Blake Remix) - Mount Kimbie - Remixes Part 1

Feral - Radiohead - The King of Limbs

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I'm thinking of starting up a blog with weekly podcasts of whatever tunes take my fancy.  
Here's the first sample, we'll see if it progresses from here.     

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