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Yeah, I'm in.

If it's a small group, a fun place like Barcade would be cool (either Brooklyn or the new one in Manhattan). If we're talking big numbers, we'll have to look for a large space where we can take over. A place like the Thirsty Fan in midtown never seems busy.

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I was very jealous of the East shirts.

I would like to purchase an XL please.

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The videos I didn't want to show at PAX, for those interested. Weird and sad videos.

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@dross said:

Anyone have the link to the panel with Jeff and Eric Pope, talking about youtube videos or whatever? Also, was Vinny's Production Panel streamed?

Jeff, Pope, and Max were on my panel! I put it on youtube. Warning- it gets really messed up at the end.

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Over at my blog I posted all the videos that Jeff presented. Tomorrow I'll put up Max's, and I'm saving Pope's madness for Friday.

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@assinass: Produced wasn't live streamed. Only panels in the Main Theatre and Albatross were streamed. I wasn't there (obviously) but maybe Drew filmed it? If he did, it probably won't be online for some time.

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I ripped the whole panel and put it on my youtube channel.

Eric Pope is one of the nicest people I've ever met, and a great friend.

He is also the world's greatest monster.

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Please come to my panel. Albatross seats like 900 people or something crazy like that!

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404ing It: Breaking (Down) the Internet is coming to PAX East!

On Sunday, April 13th at 1:30pm in the Albatross Theatre, I will be doing my second ever PAX panel. My guests will Jeff Gerstmann, Max Temkin, and Eric Pope.

If you’re not at PAX next weekend, you can watch it live streamed on twitch (you can also watch the Royal Rumble panel live as well). The panel will be live on PAX2. I’ll also have a version on my youtube channel at some point.

Last year’s show went really well, and we’re in even a larger room this year. I’m really excited for it!

Guys, I know PAX has conspired to put Vinny on a panel at the EXACT SAME TIME AS JEFF. This is lame as hell. Please promise me that if you're at PAX East and not at my panel, you're at Rich and Vinny's.

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They're doing a party on Friday next to the convention center, as well as a thing on Sunday. No Thursday night Rock Band.