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Thanks guys. Sorry/not sorry about the twitter rants.

In the end, I'd like my friends to feel safe in their homes and able to write, design, critique, etc.

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Some gamers want Zoe Quinn and Maya Kramer and Jenn Frank and Anita Sarkeesian and Phil Fish to stop making games, to stop writing about games and being critical of games. They treat those writer and devs as outsiders trying to take away their games, to ruin the industry. They see asking for diversity or making "not games" as an attack. Friends of mine have been harassed, threatened, and made to feel unsafe in public and private. Their home addresses have been given out to the masses, all with the end goal of forcing them out of the industry.

For simply having one of these people on my panel at PAX, my youtube account was flagged (since fixed) and numerous attempts have been made to access my email.

If gamers here feel like there IS corruption in games media and things need to change, I would humbly suggest using #gameethics to distance yourself from garbage people. Here's a fun link of some 4channers in IRC: These are the people who are behind Quinngate and Gamergate. Consider your company.

Final note: we lost Jenn Frank, and we're worse off now that we were a week ago.

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Look, I'm going to win this. Obviously. I have nine years of comedy wrestling experience.

But you guys should recognize that Samantha Kalman came in second to Alex and is my only legit threat.

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Hey duders!

I have been told that all Main Stage panels and all panels in Hedgehog will be live streamed. This includes the PAX Rumble and my 404ing It panel. I have not heard if they're doing any other rooms.

Also Brad Muir had to bail on my panel, which is a damn shame.

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Over the 100th response, so waitlist me I guess?

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Oh hi.

You could see Alex (and Eric Pope and Maya Kramer) on my panel:

Or go see Patrick and Zoe's panel. I am annoyed we're "competing".

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Yeah, I'm in.

If it's a small group, a fun place like Barcade would be cool (either Brooklyn or the new one in Manhattan). If we're talking big numbers, we'll have to look for a large space where we can take over. A place like the Thirsty Fan in midtown never seems busy.

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I was very jealous of the East shirts.

I would like to purchase an XL please.

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The videos I didn't want to show at PAX, for those interested. Weird and sad videos.

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@dross said:

Anyone have the link to the panel with Jeff and Eric Pope, talking about youtube videos or whatever? Also, was Vinny's Production Panel streamed?

Jeff, Pope, and Max were on my panel! I put it on youtube. Warning- it gets really messed up at the end.