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I'm surprised that so many people chose to send Clem and AJ into Wellington alone. Has no one played the first season, watched the show, or read the comics? A fortified "safe" community is always bad fucking news.

True, but I'd bet money the choice you make at the end of season 2 won't mean shit come season 3. I'm sure next season will pick up a few years later and all we'll get is a few references mid-conversation which allude to our choice.

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Dem teleporter skills. Damn.

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Miss you every Tuesday, buddy. Always will.

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Yeah, my money's on Ryckert.

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Keep the faith, duders. You know they won't let you down.

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Whew, finally got mine and it's in good condition. Knew GB would never let me down! :D

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Oh snap, fresh meat.

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@rorie said:

If there's any damage with the posters that you receive, please get in touch with

We have the last batch of posters in the office now and just need to sign them and get them shipped back over to the warehouse.

I'm guessing mine is part of this last batch that needed re-signed. I got a shipping notification 10 days ago but the tracking still says USPS is waiting for the seller to drop off the parcel. Any updates @rorie, or should I contact Social Imprints?

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Apparently I got one. Thanks, duders! back to bed.

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*Sets alarm for 5am* ...ugh