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Toy Soldiers Review 0

Toy Soldiers is most basically put as a challenging and strategic tower defense game with some addons. It puts you in command of an army during WW1 either  the British or German forces. You have these land plates which are used for you to place your towers, to stop enemy forces from entering your toy box, if you outlast all the waves you win the match. It also allows you to take control of towers and manually destroy enemy units, this gives bonus damage and the ability to stack combos for extra ...

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Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Review 2

 I have been a fan of the Battlefield series since the very beginning and this is an amazing edition. The multiplayer is basically what I asked for in a Battlefield game. Which is war-like combat on a huge map, scattered with  vehicles, and just that old school Battlefield feel. It really brought me back to those old days from Battlefield 2 for PC. In this they brought back the conquest mode which is basically when the map is covered with 3-5 points that your team needs to capture and hold. It i...

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