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It will actually cost me $0 because I don't plan on getting one in the near future. While the stuff it does with your tv is mildly interesting it does not seem to work well enough to justify the price nor are there any games on it that I want to play.

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I think ads are an inherently terrible but necessary evil. Giant Bomb does podcast ads really well and I willingly listen to them. They are occasionally quite funny.

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Isn't it somewhat giving the hackers what they want by mentioning their twitter account in a news article about a DDoS? Wouldn't it be better to simply report the attack and not direct people to the perpetrator's twitter account? I understand the need for trying to figure out the cause but perhaps by broadcasting it we are simply feeding the beast we are trying to get rid of.

Hopefully the authorities get ahold of these bastards. The whole PSN DDoS is really minor compared to the American Airlines shit.

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I actually really appreciate these kind of UPFs when they come around. I don't think they should happen all the time but as a way to give some nods to games they passed over but never acknowledged otherwise I'll take it. That and it can make for some magical moments when they're digging real deep.

I agree with this. I think the "viewer's choice" episodes can be interesting and have some value. I think the last UPF was less than stellar mainly because the games that were being voted upon were very obscure and not that great. I think it would have been better if there was a little more control into what games were being put in the poll. In saying that, I think viewer's choice strategies are always hit or miss.

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Hype is at an unimaginable level. Although I would fully support a trip to THE Barkerville, it is in British Columbia which is a fair distance away from San Francisco. It seems like a long trip just for an inside joke.

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I would very much appreciate this feature.

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I know it says it in the vimeo video description but it is Dave Lang giving his "interpretation" of the Carl Sagan essay: "The Pale Blue Dot". If you haven't already, I highly suggest you watch the original.

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The game seems kinda dull, though. It seems like minimal effort went into creating the "remix" aspect of the game. While there might have been a lag issue with their setup, it wouldn't surprise me if the emulation was just poorly done. To be honest, I think the NES remix games are just mildly crap and unimaginative.

People are quick to jump on Brad for pretty much everything. I would say that it is because he reacts to it (e.g. referencing the insults slung at him in other videos) but also because there seems to be a built up stereotype of Brad being bad at games. Not saying he is perfect, no one ever is, but people need to cut the dude some slack.

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@shenstra said:

While these words are roughly each other's opposite, they carry very different emotional and social implications. The word "skinny" (as far as I can tell) generally isn't meant in a bad way. Unlike, say, "scrawny". When people are called "fat", 99.9% of the time, there's an implied "too" in front of it, often accompanied by a thinly veiled disgust and an expectation to do something about already.

You hate not being able to call people "fat" without them getting offended. Maybe you should consider why people get so offended? I've dealt with other peoples' judgements about my appearance all my life. When you call me "fat", you remind me of a lot of pain and disappointment I've had to deal with. Is it so hard to use a different word which doesn't carry the same hurt? There's plenty of words to choose from, most of which won't offend fatties like me. Overweight, chubby, portly, heavyset, etc.

This is basically the right answer. "Fat" is generally considered offensive because it is. There aren't too many other words you can use that are worse than "fat" for describing an overweight person without getting overly wordy. There are plenty of worse words you could use to describe a small person than "skinny". That's why people find "fat" offensive.

It's not a double standard at all. There are plenty of contexts where describing someone as skinny can be positive while there are almost no contexts where describing someone as fat can be anything but negative. Those are just the constraints our society and culture has placed on those words.

If you have to make a note about someone's physical appearance, it's probably best to use simple words like "big" or "small" or "light". Those are not offensive and describe the person without going into too much detail.