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I know it says it in the vimeo video description but it is Dave Lang giving his "interpretation" of the Carl Sagan essay: "The Pale Blue Dot". If you haven't already, I highly suggest you watch the original.

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The game seems kinda dull, though. It seems like minimal effort went into creating the "remix" aspect of the game. While there might have been a lag issue with their setup, it wouldn't surprise me if the emulation was just poorly done. To be honest, I think the NES remix games are just mildly crap and unimaginative.

People are quick to jump on Brad for pretty much everything. I would say that it is because he reacts to it (e.g. referencing the insults slung at him in other videos) but also because there seems to be a built up stereotype of Brad being bad at games. Not saying he is perfect, no one ever is, but people need to cut the dude some slack.

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@shenstra said:

While these words are roughly each other's opposite, they carry very different emotional and social implications. The word "skinny" (as far as I can tell) generally isn't meant in a bad way. Unlike, say, "scrawny". When people are called "fat", 99.9% of the time, there's an implied "too" in front of it, often accompanied by a thinly veiled disgust and an expectation to do something about already.

You hate not being able to call people "fat" without them getting offended. Maybe you should consider why people get so offended? I've dealt with other peoples' judgements about my appearance all my life. When you call me "fat", you remind me of a lot of pain and disappointment I've had to deal with. Is it so hard to use a different word which doesn't carry the same hurt? There's plenty of words to choose from, most of which won't offend fatties like me. Overweight, chubby, portly, heavyset, etc.

This is basically the right answer. "Fat" is generally considered offensive because it is. There aren't too many other words you can use that are worse than "fat" for describing an overweight person without getting overly wordy. There are plenty of worse words you could use to describe a small person than "skinny". That's why people find "fat" offensive.

It's not a double standard at all. There are plenty of contexts where describing someone as skinny can be positive while there are almost no contexts where describing someone as fat can be anything but negative. Those are just the constraints our society and culture has placed on those words.

If you have to make a note about someone's physical appearance, it's probably best to use simple words like "big" or "small" or "light". Those are not offensive and describe the person without going into too much detail.

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Just please don't push the disc insurance warranty thing. When I bought Ni No Kuni from a local EB games (which is owned by Gamestop) the clerk asked if I wanted to disc guarantee (or whatever it's called) for $2. I declined because I have never had a faulty disc. He then asked if I am sure (which I expected) assuring me that this was a "rare" game that would likely be out of stock in a few months. I declined a second time in a polite manner. He then said something along the lines of: "Well, I guess I will see in back here in a little when you re-buy the game. You're essentially spending $120 rather than $62 for this game." I was mildly offended at that point but I kept my composure and replied: "I guess I'll see you in a couple of weeks then." He then put the metaphorical cherry on top by saying "I'll see you then but I doubt we'll have any copies left."

I never went back to that store because of that experience. I know not all EB employees are like that and I have had plenty of non-pushy experiences but just don't be that guy. He lost a customer who buys quite a few games because of his pushy (and rude) attitude.

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@supamon: Those are what I wanted to see and this community never disappoints.

To answer the OP: coffee or lunch would be good. Those are low-impact activities where you get a lot of conversation but don't feel like as daunting as getting supper.

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Maybe try Organ Trail? I'm not sure how it will run on your computer but the requirements are fairly low. It's not necessarily a free roam game but it is certainly fun and addictive.

There's also Project Zomboid. 1gb of ram might be a stretch for it but there is a free demo on Steam you can download to see if it runs well. It's only early access but there seems to be enough there for it to be worth the cost of entry.

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I generally find live show chat to be scattered and disappointing but I do get a few solid laughs out of it. I would fully support a live (or pseudo-live) Bombcast. Especially once the UK turf wars start up via emails.

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Can only players around your soul level summon you? I generally wait around fog doors helping others with the boss battles. I have a fairly high SL (~120) but I usually get summoned within a minute (if not much less) for most boss encounters except for the gargoyles. I can sit around for ages and never be summoned.

Sometimes I get a message saying that my summon sign has disappeared. When this happens I can't put it back down for a while. My initial guess was this is because I am being invaded by a grey phantom but it is not really consistent.

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"The 2x4 Knight"

High STR, END, and VIT complete with the biggest stick you can find. Currently using an upgraded "club" which has been surprisingly effective. While there are other weapons that do more damage per hit, I can get more hits in with my club. It's a pure melee class which makes some battles "interesting" but I am already too far down this rabbit hole to turn back now.

I think I will be ready to move on to a more magic-based character after I am done with this play through.