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How much for the game-worn Drew t-shirt?

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It personally doesn't bother me. It was a feature he did here and I would expect him to do something similar regardless of the site he publishes it on. If it was something that Giant Bomb did as a staff (or something it continued to do after he left) then it might be something to debate. But it's not.

Yes, I'm still adjusting to the idea that Scoops isn't with Giant Bomb anymore so it's a little weird in that regard. Getting over that hurdle, it doesn't shock or upset me that he would take some of his features/ideas to another site.

I also find the constant questioning if Patrick left on good terms or not to be incredibly boring. He said it did so let's leave it at that. I hate it when people try to assume these personal relationships/dynamics of Giant Bomb despite not knowing anything about these dudes beyond what we see on screen. Our "sample size" in terms of what goes on at Giant Bomb is incredibly small.

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I would take the advice from many others in this thread and try and reduce the cost of the PC you want to build. There are plenty of low-cost options out there for a person who wants to play games that isn't going to cost you $2000. Your build is slightly overkill for what I think you would be doing with it.

Regardless of that, I think that your strategy of mowing lawns and shoveling driveways will get you some money but maybe it would be possible to work out some sort of system with your parents. One idea would be to ask them to match dollar for dollar every cent you earn by working. So if you get $20 to mow a lawn, your parents would chip in $20. I think you'd still need a heck of a lot more but it would work with your current strategy.

Alternatively, perhaps you could work out a sort of allowance with them. One (sneaky) way would be to ask them to give you an increasing amount of money each week for a year. So they would give you $1 for week 1, $2 for week 2, $3 for week 3 and so on. So by the last week of the year (week 52) they would give you $52. In total, this would net you $1,378 after 52 weeks. Add that to your lawn mowing and you'd be pretty close to your goal. Certainly close enough to build a very powerful, sub-$2000 PC. It might take some negotiating. Maybe they would feel safer depositing the cash in a savings account that you can only access after a year.

If you are going to ask your parents for money, make it clear why the $2000 would go to good use. One argument you might consider is that this PC would last you for a while and is easily upgraded. Also, it would be powerful enough for you to do media editing (and coding) which are some fairly valuable tools both in high school and post-secondary school. You would also gain some pretty good experience and knowledge from building the thing itself.

Hopefully this helps, young man.

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Drew is great. I have a similar taste in games as he does and I think his opinions are generally in line with mine as well. Not to mention his stories are the educational and interesting ying to Jeff's batshit crazy yang.

I really like his sense of humour too. He often says incredibly witty things that go unnoticed.

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Good luck to him! I'm a little surprised but I think he will fit in great there.

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Take care, Scoopsy. You've been great since day one and I really appreciate the work you put into the site. Best wishes and good luck, duder.

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Would've voted but I dont have a twitter or facebook account. Do the numbers indicate the current placings or are some nominees just randomly attributed a larger picture.

I think the numbers do indicate their current position. When I went to vote, Jeff was #2 and the #3 and #4 positions were swapped from the picture posted above.

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Johnny V (2.0 Edition)!!

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Man, some people are being fairly rude in here. Stating an opinion is fine but some people are not doing so in a way that doesn't make them look like a giant asshole (most are being fine though).

Jason and the rest are great. I enjoy the Bombcast. While I wouldn't mind Jason to be a regular member, I have faith that Giant Bomb knows what is best.

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I am also cautiously optimistic for this game. But I think that the bulk of my desire to play it is due to the absolute dearth of quality RPGs so far for the PS4.