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GT PatODay22

EST, I won't be around a whole lot though as it's starting to get to be the busy time at my job, but I'm always up to play when I can.

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I'm in.

XB1 GT: PatODay22

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Man that Batmobile looks like it could be a lot of fun to drive around and just wreck shop.

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I'm assuming the line of thinking was get women in there and couples will be no threat to the single women in the bar, hence giving VIP's more of a chance without feeling threatened.

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I put so much time into attempting the expert achievements in the Left 4 Dead games...I still don't have those achievements.

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Apparently the Xbox One version will only be a 20GB install.

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Done! Best of luck duder.

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I bought an Xbox One about two weeks ago and haven't opened it yet, I've also pre-ordered Titanfall. I probably won't bring it back and get the bundle as I would rather have everything set up and ready to play at launch instead of setting up the console and downloading updates then waiting to install the game.

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I have to keep working. I had the flu a couple weeks back and couldn't get anyone to cover my shifts at work. Orange juice and soup broth are my friends during that time. I've gotten in the habit of keeping a small container of bouillon cubes in my backpack, it's especially handy if I start to feel under the weather.