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I've noticed my friends and others have multiple save files when playing most games. I feel like I'm in the minority by only having one save file for a whole playthrough. I can see the logic of having multiple slots for a playthrough, but I just don't like to do that.

I'm just wondering which camp GB users fall into, and if you have any stories about good/bad experiences with your game saves.

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@i_stay_puft: That's what I've got, too. This has been an unreal day of games though.

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@stryker1121: And he has Josh Gordon there to go in on an ounce with him when they're running low.

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@junkboy0: Anything people say on Twitter can be twisted and taken any way people want. Case in point:

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If anything ever ends up coming of that supposed Dez Bryant video, Hardy could be the least of the Cowboys PR problems.

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@patoday: I just realized that they STILL HAVE JJ Watt AND Jadeveon Clowney.

Even though Clowney is still recovering from a season ending knee injury, holy shit that defensive line sounds like a nightmare.

I expect nothing out of Clowney in the league, and maybe the Texans nabbing Wilfork means they're figuring that out as well. Clowney will consistently be "hurt" or find some reason to collect a paycheck with minimal effort. His Junior year at South Carolina when he literally went through the motions out there should have been a huge red flag. I half-expect him to turn being bitten by D.J. Swearinger's dog last week into a season-ending injury by claiming he has rabies or something. He's lazy as fuck.

I don't know, I doubt JJ Watt and Wilfork will let anyone on that defense dog it and not give max effort on every play. He might be lazy but seeing the drive of those two might be the kick start he needs, because you have to be a competitive person to make it to the NFL level in the first place.

Also, Chris Borland retiring due to head injury concerns is a big surprise, right after Willis retired too when he was poised to take his place.

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@i_stay_puft: I am so bummed to see Wilfork go, he was great with the Patriots. The Texans will have a beastly defensive front this season.

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I wonder if the Colts have a better chance of signing Wilfork now that they've signed Johnson and Gore, both former teammates of his at University of Miami.

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Good luck with the depression, man. I don't know exactly what you're going through, but I've been battling depression myself, it's an endless struggle and it's easier for me to enjoy the moment instead of constantly waiting for the other shoe to drop.

A game I've been to intimidated to play, not that I even have the means to play it right now, but something like DOTA or League of Legends. It seems like there's a steep learning curve and the time commitment seems to be high.