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GT: PatODay22 I'm a level 14 Hunter. I've been soloing missions due to no friends being online/connection issues when trying to join a fireteam.

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@gnomeonfire: Maybe it was because the show was hitting more with an older demographic than they wanted. If the advertisers weren't making money they were probably pulling ads, which means no max ad money for the network in that time slot.

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Man, I have a ten minute commute to work now. The bombcast has become almost a week-long event for me.

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There was a Blues Brothers game for the NES that I remember playing as a kid. I put hours into that game and never beat it, I think I would always get lost in the sewer level.

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@doctordonkey: man that is some bull. Not that I'm ever going to do the raid, but I hope those are isolated incidents and not a bug that needs to be patched before anyone can get their loot.

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@bargainben: Seriously. I thought the Underdome in Borderlands was an obscene grind. I can't imagine 10 1/2 hours straight.

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I've had a stable connection, granted I haven't played a whole lot this week. Two of my friends who I play with seem to have semi-frequent issues, they're both on the same network, different consoles at their house.

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I was at home, I had gotten my drivers license 8 days earlier and decided to capitalize a bit on my new found freedom and not go to school that day. I was at my grandmothers with my dog helping her out and my dad and asked me to put on the news because he heard something about a plane and the World Trade Center and as soon as I turned it on the second plane hit.

I had absolutely no idea what I was watching or the gravity of the situation. Once the news of the plane crashing into the Pentagon came out is when panic set in. My aunt, the only daughter of the grandmother I was with works at the Fed in DC and when my grandmother heard about that she was borderline hysterical and I tried calling ym aunt only to have all circuts be busy for I don't know how long.

I had a part-time job at a local store working in the hardware department, we sold little American flags there and that's all anyone came in for that night, nothing else. One thing I remember really clearly is listening to the radio on my drive home. Every station had gone commercial free and the hosts seemed to be working around the clock trying to vocalize what had happened.

Not a day off from school I'm going to forget.

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@zolroyce: It's honestly growing on me. I wish I stuck with the change earlier, for whatever reason the first few minutes after switching make reading a little disorienting prompting my switching back.