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Can we use this as the go-to advice thread for PC builds/upgrades/troubleshooting?

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I had no thoughts one way or another on this movie, but the trailer makes it look like it has a lot of potential. I enjoyed Man of Steel, and I'm really looking forward to a Justice League movie, this just needs to be sufficient to bridge the gap in my opinion.

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@i_stay_puft: It's actually less than a mile and a half from Gillette, he will probably be able to hear the crowd from the yard on Sunday's.

I'm an idiot, I was using my work schedule to anticipate the draft, the Red Sox have an off day that Thursday the draft is on and since they are off tomorrow I got my dates mixed up.

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So the Aaron Hernandez trial came to it's very anti-climactic conclusion today. Such a scumbag.

On the plus side the draft is tomorrow, thoughts on what your team might do or some surprise picks might be?

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It's so rare now that I will get a game on day one that the updates don't have any real impact on me. There have been too many issues with games at launch that I'll give it some breathing room before putting down the money.

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Turn off AdBlock on those certain websites, I ran into this problem last week with a website for work.

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Mother of God that Red Sox-Yankees game was such a grind last night. I wish they gave some explanation for the lights going out like it's the Trop.

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@i_stay_puft: I'd play it. They could implement that and include the stick waggling mechanic that is in IDARB for more juice.

Speaking of that, A-Rod with his first HR of the season tonight.