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I really hope it's based in Boston.

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Equal rules would be nice, but I'd also like it if they took some ideas from the Long War mod and brought them in. Namely, the different classes/upgrade trees, class specific items, the new tech levels, and number of starting locations. Not a big fan of the fatigue system, though I understand why the maker added it in. I also like Long War's officer system, though I've heard he's changing how officers work in beta 15e, so I'm interested to see what's being changed.

Long War type elements would be great, even if you have to opt into them like the second wave stuff. It would be pretty cool if the story has you taking the fight to the aliens home planet for some of it, just different maps and terrain, maybe some atmospheric stuff you have to account for with loadouts (toxicity etc)

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Get Xbox Live Gold and get everything they put up for the games with gold, it's a way to build up your library for limited investment.

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With Object Knowledge you would never be able to use any kind of public bathroom again. I'd be wary of using even my own bathroom. That being said I would still go with Object Knowledge.

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1. AC2

2. Brotherhood

3. AC1

4. Revelations

5. Revelations

6. AC3. God I hated this game. To me the series hit its peak with the Ezio Arc. Connor sucked as a character. I stopped playing the Assassin's Creed series after this, I didn't even finish this game.

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That is some fantastic artwork, awesome stuff duder.

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@humanity: I honestly don't think it will be a year from now. I would be on a holiday 2015 release for the expansion so they can bundle it as a "Game of the Year" edition.

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This tweet from Shuhei Yoshida says it all. Possible E3 reveal?

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My name is Patrick O'Day. Jason from Home Movies is an accurate cartoon representation of me, I think.