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I'm largely just impressed by the Gleemonex name check in the article.

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It's been bothering me for a while, and searching for "The Rundown" or "The Rock" is a journey of discovery about how many times someone on this site has used the phrase "here's the rundown" or discussed the Michael Bay classic. But basically, I remember a bombcast in which Ryan Davis took the time to basically rhapsodize about the climax to The Rundown, and I'd really like to hear it again. So anyone who might know which episode that was and could point it out, the help would be appreciated.

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Alien 3 did a pretty fantastic job of breaking my head as a kid, enough so that I had to get a lock on my closet just so a xenomorph wouldn't come out and kill me. Nowadays, I'm not sure what my problem was.

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@SuperWristBands:Yeah, I can get that. For me, I kind of appreciated on a certain level what they were trying to do with the way the story was getting teased here and there, giving different characters different impressions on the same event. But for as much as I liked the Sherry and everything-up-to-final-boss Leon campaigns...

Well, I just do not like Chris Redfield all that much. Never have. So Ada was looking like it'd be blocked off from me forever. Now that's fixed!

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Christ, this seems like a quick turn-around. Still, hey, if it lets me level up my Siren in prep for the final boss some, works for me.

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Actually, this seems great (for me). I wanted to play the Ada campaign, but the thought of having to fight that stupid last boss of Leon's, or play any of Chris' campaign to unlock it filled me with a dread.

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@Robo said:

@ADAMWD said:

I can't figure out the stone throne room. The code that is on the wall doesn't seem to do anything.

Well, that throne exists in two places at once. One is in the past (the old world with all the dudes wandering around speaking in their language) and the other is the run-down looking one in the present.

There are different codes in each of the rooms. You have to put both codes in in an alternating fashion, starting with the room you're in. So your room's first input, other room's first input, your room's second input, other room's second, your third, other third, etc.

I had a kind of lunatic moment in the telescope room where, in the process of just moving about the room and seeing all the positions of the telescope, I /accidentally/ did the throne room code.

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@MonkfishEsq said:

I just spent a few hours translating what text I could if anyone's interested. The only cubes I have left are3 from the clock tower and one from the advanced tetris puzzle

I'd point out that the post-completion text for the Tome artifact suggests that is so.

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@Chaser324: Oh, shit, there's one in there? I hadn't gotten as far as to open that room up yet (though I know what I have to do to get there). Thanks for the help!

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Yeah, somehow, in the midst of all of Fez, there is a single cube bit sitting forlornly, as I go mad trying to find it. I've looked all over the map and I'm staring at a bunch of secrets and that's about it. Is there some stray cube piece sitting in an invisible chest or am I just bit-blind?