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Shooting for that crucial "too lazy to hook my PS3 back up" market.

To be confused with the 'sold my PS3 towards the PS4' market, and the definite 'majority of PS4 owners, first Sony console' market.

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Remember GTA IV? Remember the PC-port? Remember how the only way you could achieve a solid FPS during the initial release and the few weeks that followed was turning off this exact feature?

Yeah, I don't have high hopes for this one.

Yeah, and that came out like yesterday.

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Not that I don't enjoy the show and think it is good, but it is odd to see it listed as premium content.

Aw yeah, it's all premium content here baby

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There's also an hour and a half long play through Double Fine posted

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So after a bajilion years of development, this game finally comes out.... and it's an Xbox exclusive. Screw you, Capy...

So after a bajilion years of development, this game finally comes out.... and you were too lazy to look up its announced platforms.

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@xbob42 said:

It's been coming to PC the whole time? Its June release date has been known for months! Good reminder nonetheless.

No it hasn't, this is the first announce for PC release date.

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Release the Draken!

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@axersia said:

2. I own like 15 Tales games, and none of these changes sound like a big deal to me. They had to make money off it somehow, and this is what they came up with. Either deal with it, or acquire one of the many other versions out there.

I am absolutely terrified and scared as to what kind of changes you would consider a "big deal". You realize they literally could have just charged a premium and released the game as is with this no longer being an issue anymore, right? I didn't think this would be necessary to point out, but I'm not sure how you could come to the conclusion that one bad move inherently necessitates another, Apple doesn't actually mandate pricing in that way.

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Wait, are we SURE this is an Alien game? I mean this looks like a moody, tense, dark sci-fi tale preying on things like fear of the unknown and being alone. I mean alien games are all about yelling GET SOME! GEEEET SOOOOOOOOOME!!!!! whilst mowing down hordes of easily killed fodder, right?

Alien. You're thinking Aliens.