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I don't care who was right and who was wrong in this; I am not touching Oculus as long as Facebook owns it. I will gladly wait until a company that doesn't own and share the information of billions of people comes out with its version.

But the idea behind facebook is that its users all willingly share their own information so your statement doesn't really seem valid. To not support a product that will probably be a turning point in video games for such a reason is really disturbing and its frustrating that you arent the only person who holds such a view

"Willingly" is such an nice word, considering that the majority of people on Facebook have no clue at all that their personal information is being sold. They believe that setting things to "private" or deleting them is enough to prevent that information from being spread by Facebook.

Hold on, let me just throw this post into the definition for FUD real quick.

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Nice summary Tricky, that neogaf thread was the most frustrating thing to read, pretty sure it started out as the worst GAF thread in history but I'm glad some real devs decided to correct the ignorance in the end.

Excellent editorial by Patrick Klepek over at Giant Bomb:

Woo, burn on Patrick!

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I think this a much better way to present this than just hearing your opinion all this time, which while I agree with can start to seem like a personal crusade, although I enjoy the way it is enraging certain parts of the community

It might be good to hear the other staff members opinions on things like this because I don't think people understand whether this is Giant Bomb editorial opinion or just your point of view.

You won't like when he's angry.

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Tired of this new wave PC "everyone gets offended by everything" bullshit that has infected this site like Kotaku and many others.

If you aren't offended by how absolutely awful this was handled on any level, it's probably for the best.

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@Trainer_Red: Fair, I was being a bit pretentious in that way. Seriously though, if Patrick just looked around his own office he'd see how there's no female or black / hispanic / asian employee. If Giant Bomb is so progressive and perfect as to preach to us all, why is it wholly staffed by white males? I find that hypocritical as fuck.

I feel your passion, but you're not begging that question hard enough. You've got to do it with feeling.

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Remember when video game journalism was about video games?


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i dont think the intended audience for this game its going to buy the pc version,(a 20 something buying this game on steam seems pretty weird)

Is the part in parentheses an aside or are you reiterating the first statement?

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Her skill tree is rife with MLP references. This game's writing is insipid, and revolting. The flagrant use of memes, the pandering. Eurgh.

Please inform us of some current humorous games so we can tell you how incorrect you are.

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All this jargon is also implying that the console versions of the game were garbage.

I don't think that's how implying works, no one is sitting around expecting 6 year old consoles to perform as well as current PCs. The idea that the frame buffer is locked is such a rarity, I don't think you actually comprehend what the fixes actually achieved if you're under the assumption these are minor improvements. Something like hacking in widescreen support is minor; allowing modifications of textures, readjustment of the HUD, unlocking the frame rate, adding ambient occlusion are things that people wouldn't have expected even under a 'good' port.